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GoFormz Streamlines Scientific Data Collection for Adventurers

“From ocean divers to glacier trekkers, our adventurers are out there helping scientists in need of data. With GoFormz, that data collection is simple and systematic, and provides our scientists with reliable information to make better conservation decisions.”
– Gregg Treinish, Founder & CEO, Adventurers & Scientists for Conservation

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Why GoFormz?

  • Needed a flexible mobile forms solution that could be tailored to collect data across a wide array of scientific projects
  • Needed a solution that worked with existing forms, so ASC could mobilize forms required by the government
  • Required the ability to enter data in remote areas without a wireless signal
  • Needed a user-friendly interface that even a non-technical adventurer could manage
  • Required a cross-platform solution that supported Google Nexus devices used on the American Prairie Reserve

Benefit of GoFormz mobile scientific data collection forms

  • Simplified and standardized data collection to support conservation efforts, saving scientists time and money
  • Increased reliability of data collected by citizen scientists
  • Achieved greater insight into GIS and mapping observations more efficiently by addressing issues in real-time


  • Animal sightings
  • Sage grouse lek observations
  • Wildlife interaction
  • Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP)
  • Accounts

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About Adventurers & Scientists for Conservation (ASC)

In 2010, ASC Founder and CEO Gregg Treinish formulated the idea that adventure athletes traveling to hard-to-reach wilderness areas could contribute to conservation efforts by collecting information for researchers. Four years later, ASC has sent more than 1200 athletes to gather data for more than 120 scientists. From divers gathering information about micro plastics in the world’s oceans to glacier trekkers keeping an eye out for ice worms in Alaska, ASC volunteers are collecting data all around the world.

ASC seeks to spend less time on paperwork and more time on data collection

ASC partners with agencies, nonprofits, reserves, researchers, and even individuals to develop adventure science projects. With no two projects or adventurers alike, it’s no wonder that ASC ended up with a hodge-podge of handwritten notes and spreadsheets filled with data from each project. The extra paperwork took days to process, delaying its delivery to scientists. In addition, it was difficult to aggregate and analyze statistics about geography and mapping observations. ASC spent months looking for a cost-effective solution that could eliminate paperwork for adventurers, standardize data collection, and work across platforms—even in remote areas without a wireless signal. Ultimately, they turned to GoFormz, confident that even non-technical athletes would gladly use it over paper and pencil.

GoFormz flexibility, ease-of-use, and offline capabilities are a natural fit for ASC

With GoFormz, adventurers can embark on scientific expeditions and capture data, camera trap images, GPS points, animal sightings, and animal interactions all from a mobile device. No more paperwork hassles, and no more time wasted transferring notes from memos into reports. ASC can use a combination of new and existing forms-- from government agencies like the Fish, Wildlife and Parks Agency, for example-- to tailor data collection for each project. With GoFormz, the data collection process is not only standardized, but also specialized.

And with volunteers in far-flung places like glaciers and mountaintops, ASC relies on GoFormz offline capabilities to collect data without an Internet connection, automatically syncing the new information when back in a coverage area. GoFormz enables ASC to aggregate collected data in reports so they can see trends over time and help inform management decisions at partner sites like the American Prairie Reserve.

The ASC and GoFormz partnership empowers volunteers to make a meaningful contribution to science

“I believe that ASC is changing the way scientific information is gathered,” states Gregg Treinish, Founder and CEO of ASC. “GoFormz is the technology that’s allowing us to contribute to conservation efforts around the globe.”

Data collected by ASC has led to the discovery of more than a dozen new species, provided key information to guide climate change and wildlife management decisions, and helped to protect threatened wildlife habitat. With GoFormz as the mobile forms platform for ASC, scientists can get that data faster and more reliably.

“GoFormz is the technology that’s allowing us to contribute to conservation efforts around the globe.”

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