Brand Guide & Assets

Welcome to the GoFormz Brand Guide, we have just a few simple guidelines for using our brand resources.

Our name

GoFormz is one word, with a capitalized ‘G’ and ‘F’. Do not include any additional phrases, such as domain or business type.

GoFormz brand name being used correctly and incorrectly

GoFormz logos

Our logo is an integral part of the GoFormz brand. The GoFormz logo is a registered trademark, by downloading it you agree to adhere to the following usage guidelines.

GoFormz Logo Blue
GoFormz Logo White

Logo Guidelines: Do's

• The GoFormz logo should remain brand blue (#0B99C2) or white

• The GoFormz logo must maintain the integrity of its form

Logo Guidelines: Dont's

• Do not alter or modify the GoFormz logo in any way

• Do not use any colors other than brand blue (#0B99C2) and white

• Do not distribute the logo to third parties without permission from GoFormz

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Please only use the following colors when utilizing GoFormz brand assets. The GoFormz logo should remain brand blue (#0B99C2) or white.