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Build custom digital forms to match or replace your paper documents. Or start from scratch.

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video showcasing the inside of the GoFormz Drag and Drop tool

A simple drag-and-drop interface

You don’t need code or an IT department to create powerful digital forms. Simply upload your document, add fields, and customize formatting in our online form builder.

Collect new types of information

You can build customized forms to collect detail-rich data for better insights into your business. From images to GPS, sketches to eSignatures, GoFormz empowers you to capture every data point you need.

Fill out digital documents on your phone, tablet, or computer and add new information, like signatures.

Digitize your exact paper forms

“We stumbled upon GoFormz and saw it was just a digital version of our paper form. It fit exactly what we needed!”

- Jesse Ordonio, Operations Director, Rhino Cable Services

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Add logic and automate calculations

Use the GoFormz code-free platform to add simple or complex calculations to automate your data collection. Use calculations and logic to instantly complete calculations, dynamically change formatting, and populate form fields with information.

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Share forms with anyone for them to fill out, submit, and review.
Automate digital document management with easy to use workflows.

Update your forms quickly and easily

Use an online form builder that gives you the flexibility you need. GoFormz allows you to rapidly implement and deploy changes to your form, which are available immediately to all your form users. Streamline compliance while keeping customer information up-to-date.

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Start your digital transformation

See how CCDC saves time with GoFormz

“Preparing forms by hand used to take about half an hour per form, and now it’s only a 10-minute process as a whole.”

– Corey Bland, Development Manager, CCDC

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How do online form builders work?
The GoFormz platform is a unique, no-coding-required, online form builder that keeps you in control of your data. Start by uploading an image of your digital form, or build a form from scratch using our drag-and-drop interface. Learn more about getting started with GoFormz
Can I integrate online forms with my website or other apps?
GoFormz makes it easy to embed your online form on your website, and to integrate your forms with applications you’re already using. Whether you want to exchange data with your CRM or ERP, or simply compile completed forms into a spreadsheet, GoFormz has plenty of pre-built integrations to choose from. Learn more about our integrations
Do online form builders offer templates for different types of forms?
While it’s easy to upload your existing forms, or build a new one from scratch, GoFormz does offer a library of pre-built Templates to make getting started with digital forms even faster. See our Starter Form Gallery.
Are there any limitations on the number of responses or submissions I can receive with an online form builder?
Any user on your GoFormz account can fill out and submit as many forms as they need. Public forms, or forms that are available to be filled out by anyone, whether they’re a member of your GoFormz account or not, incur an additional fee based on the number of forms completed. Learn more about Public Forms
Can I export and analyze the data collected from online forms?
All your captured form data is yours to use as your business needs. Whether you would like to review the individual completed forms, route the form data into a spreadsheet, save or email the completed forms, or even transfer form data to other platforms, GoFormz makes it fast, easy, and automated.

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