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Analyze your business in real-time, with GoFormz reports

Run comprehensive reports across your entire data collection, and identify trends, opportunities, and obstacles in real-time.

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Monitor productivity, quality, compliance & more

GoFormz reports can span numerous mobile form templates, allowing users to aggregate compelling insights into their operation’s productivity and performance.

Flexible, customizable report automations

Schedule reports to be regularly delivered to your inbox, uploaded to integrated platforms, and more.

"We ran a report of every large item we picked up for a customer and could tell them that we had picked up 1,752 large items at their locations and how much money they saved. That was within minutes. It was a super easy report to run."

Learn how Strategic Sanitation Services runs comprehensive reports in minutes using GoFormz.

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Dynamic reports and precise criteria

GoFormz reports are dynamic - as your data collection grows, your reports will adjust accordingly to include new information.

Filter your reports by: Form Name, Customer, Date, Status, User, Job Site, and more!

Discover how GoFormz Reports can improve your data analysis and productivity

Schedule reports to streamline review

ARC American uses scheduled reports to streamline payroll processing, increase accuracy, and save time.

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Increase operational insight and improve efficiency

The Robert Henry Corporation runs regular reports to monitor field team productivity and identify areas for improvement.

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Identify data trends and obstacles to productivity

NTL Pipelines leverages reports to identify field data trends and repetitive job site incident factors.

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