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Everything from restaurant management to supplier facilitation is easier with digital forms

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Ditch Your Paper Processes

Eliminate damaged and lost paperwork with digital forms for better tracking. From inventory management to waste logs, even scheduling and menu planning, GoFormz makes data tracking easier than paper.

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Business Decisions Fueled by Data

Whether you’re looking for better tracking or just getting started, digital forms give you better insights into your business. Track waste logs, labor costs, vendor scheduling, and customer trends to make more informed decisions.

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Digitally Transform Your Restaurant Operations

Start today by uploading your existing paper forms and begin digitizing your processes

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Automatic Calculations and Workflows

Automate your digital data tracking with customizable logic and workflows to get your data where you need it, faster. Calculate labor costs and overhead, automatically email schedules, and copy anyone on detailed data reports.

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Improve Service, Expedite Data Capture

“We have so many forms at McDonald's, we’re always making copies, faxing, and emailing –– I was trying to find a solution that does exactly what you do. It’s exactly what I was looking for.”

– John New, Director of Operations, Muller Management

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Work with Restaurant Management Software You Already Use

Bring your form data directly into POS, management, and scheduling systems you’re already using. The GoFormz API has pre-built integrations and the ability to customize the features you need most.

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A screenshot of the GoFormz reporting interface next to a graphical depiction of an automated workflow.
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Improve Accuracy with Diverse Form Fields

With image fields, file attachments, and electronic signatures, you can streamline your form completions. Easily create detailed incident reports, weekly timesheets, and even recipe books for rotating menus.

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Streamline Vendor and Franchise Communications

From sourcing to distribution, keep all parties informed with automatic form routing through email. Customize your workflow for approvals and review, and instantly upload forms to the Cloud storage platform of your choice.

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A screenshot of the GoFormz reporting interface next to a graphical depiction of an automated workflow.

Food and Beverage Management Resources

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Digitizes and completes their manufacturer and repair forms, increasing operational visibility

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