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HIPAA-secure, exemplary healthcare

Quality healthcare requires a client-centric form solution. Traditional paper forms isolate patient data, resulting in burdensome filing and frequent human error. With HIPAA-secure mobile forms, digitally gather data with Required fields, conditional logic and workflow rules – ensuring crucial information is captured before documents are submitted.

Eliminating the chaos of paperwork allows your team to focus on patient care, without jeopardizing data quality. Expedite patient processing with features like Barcode Scanning and Tags – allowing users to efficiently sort mobile forms by patient, practitioner or other relevant labels.

GoFormz for Healthcare

HIPAA-Secure Mobile Forms

Rapidly gather highly accurate patient and practice data with HIPAA-secure mobile forms.

Centralized Patient Records

Securely access patient records from the main office and practice locations with Cloud-based storage. Allow form access to patients and practitioners, without divulging private information.

Patient Processing, Simplified

Record vital patient information efficiently with conditional logic, pre-populated fields and auto calculations. Data is instantly available upon submission, allowing your team to act fast.

The GoFormz HIPAA‑secure edition

Securely capture Personal Health Information with our HIPAA‑secure forms solution.

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GoFormz HIPAA Secure Mobile Forms

Explore how OKC Speech digitized their insurance documents to be easily completed and collected via mobile forms

Digital form templates for Healthcare

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Client Intake Form Template

Rapidly collect new client information with the digital intake form template.

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[eBook] The Top Digital Forms for Healthcare

Prioritize patient care and streamline processes with HIPAA-secure digital forms

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The Digital Medical History Form

Streamline patient intake and collect better health history data

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The Digital Patient Intake Form

Accelerate patient intake and eliminate administrative bottlenecks to patient care

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Home Health Care

Home health care businesses of all sizes can synchronize secure data capture from any device, with or without an internet connection. Switch out paper intake forms, patient progress charts, and routine checklists with easy-to-use digital forms for increased accuracy and faster processing.

  • HIPAA-secure configurations keep your patient and practitioner data safe
  • Simplify operational data like employee timesheets and invoices
  • Automatically route your data anywhere it needs to go

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