The GoFormz Quickstart Guide

Getting started with GoFormz is easy. Follow along with our quickstart guide to create, fill out, and share your own digital forms.

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Create and fill out your first digital form

1. Log in from a computer and create a form Template

Use our no-code, online builder to create a Template for your digital form. You can upload an existing form or start entirely from scratch! Simply drag-and-drop fields onto your uploaded form, customize their properties, and adjust the formatting of your digital document.

2. Fill out forms on mobile devices

Use your Template to generate, share, and fill out digital forms on a mobile device. The GoFormz mobile app is fully functional offline, ensuring your team can continue their work, no matter how remote their location.

3. Fill out and share forms online

Use your Template to generate, share, and fill out digital forms online. Generate shareable links to your digital forms for your partners, customers, and others to fill out and submit from any location.

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GoFormz Platform Basics: Guides to Getting Started

GoFormz FAQs

Do I have to provide a credit card to start my free trial?
No! No credit card information or payment of any kind is required to start your free trial.
What is the difference between a form and a Template?
A Template is a blueprint of your digital form, where you define the formatting, logic, and data fields of your digital document. Forms are generated from a Template that can be filled out and complete on mobile devices and online.
Can I download a fillable PDF version of my form?
No, you cannot download fillable PDFs. Digital forms replace the need for fillable PDFs, and must be filled out and completed in the GoFormz mobile app or online.
How much does GoFormz cost?
All newly created accounts receive a 14-day free trial of the Advanced plan. Subscription pricing varies based on tier, please visit the pricing page to learn more.
How do I speak with a GoFormz specialist?
Our GoFormz experts are here to help. Fill out this form and a GoFormz expert will contact you to schedule a quick demo.

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