Automate Daily Tasks with GoFormz Workflows

Use form automation to increase productivity across departments, streamline customer communication, accelerate processing, and route forms to third-party apps.

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Form workflows make it easy to send, receive, and transfer data.

Capture, route, and process data in real-time

Effortlessly send your captured form data anywhere you need it, from customer inboxes to databases, even project management tools.

Simplify form sharing and storage

Automatically send completed forms to colleagues, customers, and other key stakeholders, and instantly route completed form copies to Cloud storage platforms.

GoFormz makes it easy to share and store form data.

Form automation that gets your data where you need it

With a variety of integrations available, GoFormz fits perfectly into any tech stack.

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Pre-fill forms with your existing database information.

Pre-fill forms with information

Use Workflows to instantly generate and dispatch pre-filled forms to any device, accelerating form completion and improving data accuracy.

Instantly update dashboards, databases, and more

Leverage custom form Workflows to dynamically and instantaneously update spreadsheet rows, analytics dashboards, and connected databases.

Streamline your data processing with form automation.
Customizable form automation gets your form data where you need it.

Use our ready-made automations or build your own

Pick from a selection of ready-to-use Workflow recipes or build an automation of your own. GoFormz Workflows are easy to configure and customize to meet your exact business needs.

Discover how form automation can improve your operation

Balmain & Co logo

Instantly route completed forms

PSA uses instantaneous form routing to contacts and other business systems to increase sales, without the need for additional administrative support.

PSA case study
Arc American logo

Dispatch forms pre-filled with integration data

ARC American uses the GoFormz and Smartsheet integration to pass data between Smartsheet sheets and mobile forms.

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Automatically sync form data to Salesforce

Güntner leverages the Salesforce integration to dispatch HVAC forms pre-populated with data.

Güntner case study

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