Easily digitize forms, collect data, and automate tasks

Use GoFormz to modernize and streamline your documentation and business processes.

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Digital forms for every business

Create digital forms to empower your team

Easily digitize existing forms or build new ones from scratch. GoFormz is the only solution that allows you to maintain the exact formatting of your original document, making it easier for your teams to get started.

Digitize forms by uploading a document to the online form builder.
Drag and Drop Feature
Fill out digital documents on your phone, tablet, or computer and add new information, like signatures. Electronic Signatures Feature

Fill out forms faster from anywhere

Efficiently fill out forms on your phones and tablets, even while working offline at remote job sites. Capture new types of information, like images, eSignatures, GPS, and sketches, directly from your mobile device.

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Use our free mobile forms app and platform to digitally transform your business.

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You need a digital forms platform that delivers results

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of people report a return on investment within a few months

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of people report significant productivity improvements

Work smarter

Share forms with anyone for them to fill out, submit, and review.

Share forms and gather information from anyone

Seamlessly share forms with anyone. Forms can be instantly accessed for review, routed to contacts, or uploaded to Cloud storage.

Automate digital document management with easy to use workflows.

Automate your digital document management

Streamline tasks, like emailing and uploading forms to connected applications. Save time and reduce costs with our easy-to-use Workflows.

How do organizations like yours use digital forms?

GoFormz sends your manufacturing data exactly where you need it most. Add customizable fields, like legally binding eSignatures, to your digital forms.

Collect legally binding eSignatures

Use our E-SIGN Act and UETA-compliant electronic signature fields to ensure your contracts and digital documents are legally binding.

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Use our free mobile forms app and platform to digitally transform your business.

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What is GoFormz?
GoFormz is a software solution that you use to create digital forms. You can then fill the forms out on your phone, tablet, or computer.
How do I get started?
Get started by signing up for a free trial or our Advanced Edition. Create a digital form from your computer using our online, drag-and-drop builder. You can digitize an existing form or start from scratch. Once published, use your Template to generate digital forms and fill them out on phones, tablets, and computers.
Will I be charged after the free trial ends?
No, you will not be charged. You don’t even need to enter a credit card! When you sign up for a free GoFormz account you get two weeks of access to our Advanced Edition features. After your trial, you’ll still have access to your free Basic account.
Can I send a form to other people to fill out?
Yes, you can send people a link to your form to fill out.
Can I integrate GoFormz with my other business applications?
Yes, it’s easy to connect GoFormz with Cloud solutions like Dropbox, Google Drive, and more.