HIPAA-Secure Mobile Forms

Optimize patient care and securely collect healthcare data with mobile forms

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Fill in the paper gaps between your systems with GoFormz

Fill in the paper gaps between your systems

No matter how many medical systems you have in place, chances are you still have some paper forms. Fill in these gaps with our easy-to-use digital forms.

Secure your HIPAA forms with GoFormz mobile forms

HIPAA-secure digital forms

Digitize your healthcare forms in minutes for HIPAA-secure use on phones, tablets and computers. No IT or coding required.

Securly share and store your HIPAA Formz with GoFormz

Securely share & store forms

Accelerate patient intake and processing by digitally submitting, storing, and sharing forms – even with users outside of your account.

Collect legally binding eSignatures with HIPAA-secure digital forms

Collect ESIGN Act-compliant eSignatures on your HIPAA-secure digital forms.

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Get started collecting healthcare data with HIPAA-secure mobile forms

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Form invoice shared with teammates - automate HIPAA secure mobile forms workflows and processing to streamline daily tasks and collaboration

Expedite form completion with dynamic workflows

Eliminate administrative bottlenecks to patient care. Automatically redirect forms to the right people based on conditions, route forms and data to connected systems, send notifications, share completed forms, and more.

Explore how HIPAA-secure mobile forms will digitally transform your patient care and healthcare practice

Use HIPAA secure mobile forms on any device to collect and update patient data and healthcare records

Securely capture sensitive patient data on any device, anywhere

Patients can register and update their medical history from home on a laptop; schedule appointments from their smartphone; or complete informed consent forms on a tablet at your facility. Our HIPAA-secure forms work on any device, at any location.

Route data in real-time to teammates, partners, and connected platforms using HIPAA secure mobile forms

Route data to the appropriate people and systems

Safely route collected data where it needs to go. For instance, a new patient registration may need to go to the appropriate doctor, to the front office staff, to your billing system, and more.

Leverage dynamic features to pre-populate forms with healthcare data, add logic to enforce form completion and instantly calculate total

Use smart features to capture information faster and more accurately

Pre-populate forms with patient contact information and relevant medical history, use skip-logic and required fields to make sure patients fill out the data you need, or use auto-calculations to compute costs or score questionnaires.

Get started digitizing your forms for HIPAA-secure data capture

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What are HIPAA-secure forms?

HIPAA security is about protecting your form data while it is transmitted and stored. HIPAA contains many provisions that ensure the privacy and security of medical information, and GoFormz HIPAA-secure forms abide by all of these provisions. This includes data encryption during transfer, storing medical data in encrypted databases on protected servers, and additional controls preventing unauthorized persons from accessing sensitive data.

BAA provided upon request

We handle protected health information in compliance with all HIPAA regulations, and will provide a signed Business Associate Agreement (BAA) upon request.