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Leveraging Field Data: a Live Discussion with ALLWEST Engineering

“One of the things we've really enjoyed about GoFormz [...] it's not platform-centric. It works on Android, it works on iOS, and it even works on Kindle.”
– Erin Rigby, I.T. Specialist, ALLWEST Testing & Engineering

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In a recent GoFormz webinar, ALLWEST Testing & Engineering discussed the digital tools they use to empower their field teams to work more accurately and efficiently, improve reporting, and save over 13,000 hours a year.


ALLWEST relied on cumbersome, frustrating paper field reports to collect and deliver critical data from job sites. These paper forms often resulted in long delays due to manual form delivery, illegible handwriting, missing documents, and burdensome administrative demands – prompting ALLWEST to seek a digital platform to improve their workflow.


With GoFormz, ALLWEST can now leverage digital field reports to capture and route field data in real-time. These digital field reports are equipped with a variety of powerful features, including instant calculations, automatically populated fields, and image fields, all leading to more complete and accurate data capture.


  • Savings of over 13,000 man hours via automated workflows
  • Familiar interface (which looks exactly like their original forms) accelerates onboarding
  • Less time spent processing and reporting on data allows teams to take on more jobs
  • Customers appreciate faster, cleaner documentation
  • Increased visibility into field team activity and document completion progress
  • Preserved document formatting simplifies work with municipalities


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