Optimizes electronic signature capture in the field and stores forms in the Cloud

“I cannot stress enough the importance of the multi-touch signature capability, I had searched high and low for this and you were the only vendor!”
– Matt Whipps, President, Arixio

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Needed a mobile forms solution that could capture multiple electronic signatures on a single document (regardless of order or time) and could automate form storage and distribution.


Implemented the GoFormz Platform, which gives a form the capability to capture as many signatures as needed for it to be completed, and automatically saved all forms to the Cloud.


  • Made it easy for multiple teammates to access a single document, complete their portions, and provide their electronic signatures without any disruptions to project workflows
  • Increased efficiency by instantly saving all forms to the Cloud upon form completion and removed the need for teammates to physically hand in forms
  • Avoided the need for any new training, because GoFormz could digitally transform existing forms


  • Contractor Agreements
  • Quotes
  • Customer Forms

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About Arixio

Arixio is a cloud computing and hardware company located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Since the company’s inception in 2012, Arixio has provided professional technology services such as network design, web design, and general IT consulting to various industries. They have recently begun to sell their own hardware like their Arixio One computing system. Built on their moto “Efficiency is King,” it is easy to see why Arixio continues to grow and expand their business.

The Full Story

With their company website proudly proclaiming “Efficiency is King” directly beneath the Arixio logo, Matt Whipps, President, knew that they shouldn’t be wasting time on cumbersome paper forms. So he started Googling for mobile forms solutions to help him drive efficiency within the company. Although eliminating paper was important, Matt wanted a solution that also met a few more of his needs.

“We needed multi-touch signatures on various forms. We also needed the forms to reset and/or automatically save progress, and in some cases, for completed forms to be sent via email - sometimes to various recipients - and in other cases, to be synced to the cloud.”

Thankfully, it did not take long for Matt to find GoFormz. After comparing GoFormz with other mobile form providers, he knew it was the digital solution that met all his needs.

GoFormz solved Arixio’s multi-touch signature problem by allowing for the inclusion of as many signature fields as needed on a single document, in addition to granting collaborator access, whenever and wherever (to complete their portions). This meant Arixio employees could sign-off on the document without having to wait on other teammates. Matt instrumented GoFormz so that when a form is completed, it automatically emails a copy of the form to appropriate recipients and could save a copy to a cloud storage database.

After a year of digital transformation using GoFormz, Matt and his team at Arixio continue to be pleased with how GoFormz has helped them make “Efficiency King” throughout their organization. Today, they are using GoFormz for many of their forms and documents including contractor agreements, quotes and other customer forms. Matt mentioned that it’s only a matter of time before they move more of their forms onto GoFormz, due to the ease of digitally transforming their existing forms using the platform.

“The other thing that really brought me to GoFormz is that I needed to basically upload a PDF and then overlay a digital input layer over the top of it.”

Since implementing GoFormz, Matt and his team at Arixio have saved significant amounts of time (at least an hour a week per user) and resources, by eliminating the need for manual hand ins and tangible documents. When asked if he could estimate how much money they saved, Matt said, “I’m not sure about the dollars, but we have saved a lot of trees!” Nonetheless, Matt is happy with how GoFormz has helped Arixio improve their business and cost efficiencies and is excited to see in what other areas of their business they can apply GoFormz to.

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