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Electrical Contracting Firm Uses Mobile Forms to Drive Efficiencies

“We wanted to go paperless with our forms, and GoFormz helped us do just that.”
– James Crotty, Head of IT Services, Atlas Acon Electric

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Existing paper work order tickets were cumbersome to use and would often be misplaced or lost, resulting in costly disruptions.


Using the GoFormz Platform, they easily converted their old, paper work orders into digital forms that could be used on mobile devices. This made it much easier for teammates in the field to complete and submit forms for processing.


  • Improved the efficiency of completing and submitting forms
  • Eliminated the need to carry around large work order ticket books
  • Prevented forms from being lost or misplaced


  • Work Order Tickets
  • Timesheets
  • Proposal Forms

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About Atlas Acon Electric

Atlas Acon Electric Services is a full-service Local 3 IBEW electrical contracting firm that has been servicing the New York City metro area since 1957. Atlas Acon Electrical Services has worked with some of the largest general contractors, real estate management companies, and engineers, in New York City. Atlas has made it a priority to maintain strong and positive relationships with these other organizations, in an effort to best serve their customers' diverse needs. This is made possible by their knowledgeable team members, who strive daily to provide the best service.

The Full Story

Back in early 2017, Atlas Acon Electric Services had finally reached a point in their business where it was time to ditch their paper documents and move to a more modern and efficient digital platform. Their old, paper work order tickets (that field teams were required to complete daily) would often be misplaced or lost. These paper forms were also a constant burden for the office to collect and process.

“We wanted to go paperless with our work order tickets. It was time. Back then, we used to have books with carbon copies and they would always get lost!”- James Crotty, Head of IT Services.

“We’ll take it”

Atlas investigated various document management solutions to help resolve their paper problems. Eventually, they came across a tool that looked promising, so they requested a demonstration. During that product demo, it quickly became evident that the platform offered far too many services, that Atlas just did not need. However, they noted that among the different features being shown, the demo was leveraging GoFormz for its mobile form capabilities.

“I asked them if they could help us with our work order tickets. And when they pitched us their product, I noticed they were using GoFormz for their forms. I stopped them and said that I’d rather reach out to GoFormz directly. And I did.”- James Crotty

When James and his manager got in contact with GoFormz, it did not take long for them to realize that they had discovered exactly what they were looking for. Two days into their free trial, they quickly subscribed. The next day, their teammates in the field started to test out the new digital work order forms, powered by GoFormz.

“We never really had a trial. During the demo my boss liked what he saw and made the decision to subscribe to GoFormz.”-James Crotty

Adoption was not difficult for their field teammates, as the form looked identical to what they had been using in the past… except now they were completing it on their phones and tablets instead of with pen and paper.

A digital life, is a happier life

It quickly became clear that Atlas’ decision to go digital was the right one. Form processing was more streamlined and efficient. Forms were no longer being lost, as they were all securely stored in the cloud –– also allowing for the elimination of physical storage.

“GoFormz has made life easier because forms don’t get lost anymore. We have the workflow setup that immediately, when a form is completed, comes over with a notification via email.”-James Crotty

James and his team could not be happier with how GoFormz has helped them make life easier at Atlas. Although they initially started with work order forms, the team has now begun to use the platform for employee timesheets and project proposal forms. Utilizing some of GoFormz’ best features like automatic calculations and electronic signature fields has made this possible.

Aside from the product itself, Atlas has also been very pleased with the help they have received from GoFormz teammates throughout their subscription.

“Our account managers have been very helpful. They helped us easily setup our forms and get started. Anytime we have questions, they are quick to answer them.” –James Crotty

James is currently unsure of where GoFormz will help them improve Atlas next, but when the use case arises, they now have a platform that they know can help them. Based on the amount of time they are saving already, it won’t be long before they begin to apply GoFormz elsewhere in their organization.

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