Cal Coast Commodities, LLC

Leverages dynamic workflows associated with groups to streamline approval processes

“The customer service is excellent! I ask a lot of questions, and GoFormz has had no problem getting back to me within the hour to assist our needs.”
– Shelly Perez, Chief Administrator and Head of HR, Cal Coast Commodities, LLC


Cal Coast Commodities had to find a more effective solution to elevate their approval processes, which were being conducted through text messages. This method resulted in considerable delays and frequently led to additional work.


GoFormz was implemented to establish a formal approval process by using dynamic workflows associated with the correct administrator. This approach streamlined approvals and set up a structured process for Cal Coast Commodities to build upon.


  • Established digital processes to streamline communication
  • Leveraged dynamic workflows associated with groups to facilitate complex approval processing
  • Significant time savings

Digital Form Type

Purchase Requisition

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About Cal Coast Commodities, LLC

Cal Coast Commodities, located in Crows Landing, California, provides an array of services within the agriculture industry, specifically for almonds and dry beans. These services encompass warehousing, processing, handling, and logistics.

Getting Lost in Text Messages

Before turning to a digital solution, Cal Coast Commodities used to rely on exchanging text messages with their coworkers to request purchase orders. Due to the absence of a proper process, there were multiple opportunities for incorrect purchases, procurement mistakes, and unnecessary delays in identifying the correct individuals for securing approvals, all of which resulted in wasted time.

“We did try using the processes within Quickbooks,” Shelly Perez, Chief Administrator and Head of Human Resources for Cal Coast Commodities, explained. Nonetheless, coworkers would resort back to using text messages to make purchase requests. “It was all being done via text message, so they weren’t going through a proper approval process,” Perez explained. Realizing this approach created various challenges for the team, they were aware that they needed to explore further options to improve their current process.

Seeking a Solution

“We wanted to start creating policies for approvals to make sure purchase orders were being used properly,” explained Perez. Therefore, they tasked their consultant with the responsibility of finding a digital solution. “Our consultant did some research, found, and contacted GoFormz first.” After locating GoFormz through a peer-to-peer review site and consulting with a member of the GoFormz team to assess capabilities, Cal Coast Commodities quickly concluded that GoFormz was the right choice for fulfilling their business needs.


The Cal Coast Commodities team didn’t face a significant challenge while shifting from text messages to digital forms. As a matter of fact, the rest of their team was eager to use the platform. “When they started using the platform, their initial response was, ‘let's get more forms in here,’” Perez continued on to say, “I viewed this as a positive.” Given their team's eagerness to discard their phones and simplify their current process, they quickly immersed themselves in the platform without any hesitation.

A Complex Approval Process Streamlined

Despite not being a large corporation, there are plenty of areas within Cal Coast Commodities that overlap when it comes to approvals. “I have multiple departments with multiple supervisors,” Perez commented, “the supervisors need to get approval from management, and depending on what department it is, depends on which manager needs to give approval.” This process is streamlined through the use of dynamic workflows associated with groups.

When a purchase order form is submitted by a staff member, a workflow is then initiated within their account to interact with a specific group for approval. “For my department, I can make a purchase and let my staff make purchases, but it will all come to me to approve it,” Perez said. “But if it’s equipment related, then our general manager will have to give approval, and then it will kick over to me.” Through the use of digital signatures and dynamic workflows, the Cal Coast Commodities team has a structured workflow that is scalable as their company continues to grow in size.

While digital transformation alone is a significant advantage for any organization, Cal Coast Commodities has also received exceptional customer service from GoFormz. “The customer service is excellent! I ask a lot of questions, and GoFormz has had no problem getting back to me within the hour to assist our needs,” Perez expressed. “Now I have a purchasing system in place, and plan to add more.”

“The customer service is excellent! I ask a lot of questions, and GoFormz has had no problem getting back to me within the hour to assist our needs.”

– Shelly Perez, Chief Administrator and Head of HR, Cal Coast Commodities, LLC

What’s Next for Cal Coast Commodities

Cal Coast Commodities is just getting started with GoFormz, as they plan to incorporate additional forms to establish well-organized processes within their organization. As there are different departments, such as maintenance, human resources, administration, and food and employee safety, there are several forms and features that need to be incorporated.

Starting with human resources, the Cal Coast Commodities team aims to remove the requirement of individuals coming to the office to complete paperwork such as disciplinary or new hire documentation. The introduction of digital forms to this process can enhance the efficiency of paperwork processing. “When we have disciplinary actions, the managers of those employees would have to come in, get the form from me, and ask questions regarding what they need to fill out,” Perez noted. “When we get this in GoFormz, now I can just provide them with everything they need remotely.”

There is even an opportunity to introduce digital forms to logistics and safety. “We have fuel tanks so there are fuel card situations,” Perez continued on to say, “so who has the keys to certain cards or keys to the pumps are all things that could be done on a form.” Perez also pointed out that preventative maintenance falls under her domain and has room for digital data collection. “Although I am not in charge of maintenance, I am in charge of preventative maintenance for the forklifts,” Perez commented. “That’s something else we can do with digital forms.”

At the end of the day, Cal Coast Commodities is uncertain about how everything will look, but the potential for their business is limitless. “We don’t know what it looks like yet, but we plan to do a lot more.” Finally, Cal Coast Coast Commodities plans to dive into Advanced Reporting to better track data that is being processed through their digital forms.