Modernizes operations, digitizes forms, and increases customer satisfaction

“The efficiency of our service reps was a complete 180. They are now always equipped with the right paper work for the job.”
– Danielle Canup, Vice President of Franchise Services, Duraclean

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Wanted to eliminate the amount of paper each field tech had to carry every day. Also, sought to equip their field representatives with the right forms for each job - since there were so many forms that varied per job type, some representatives often would not have the right paperwork for a job.


Uses GoFormz to digitize forms in order for the back office to manage which forms are sent to representatives and techs depending on the job.


  • Field representatives now have far less paper to bring out to jobs
  • Field representatives are consistently filling out the correct forms for each job type
  • The administrative team is also saving a significant amount of time
  • Reduction of errors in submitted forms
  • Strong efficiency gains with customer-facing services


  • Work Authorization
  • Service Contract
  • Certificate of Satisfaction
  • Water Damage Procedure
  • Demolition & Content Authorization
  • Non-Compliance Release
  • Moisture Readings Rotated
  • Equipment Loan Agreement

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About Duraclean

Duraclean was started in 1930 by Irl Marshall Sr. Mr. Marshall developed a safe and very effective cleaning solution for rugs and upholstery which became the foundation of the company. Duraclean services have continued to expand over the decades from its humble beginning of loose rugs and upholstery cleaning to now being able to clean any surface in a home or office.

The Full Story

Danielle Canup, Vice President of Franchise Services at Duraclean, heard about GoFormz through one of her service representatives. She had been searching for a way to go paperless but didn’t know where to start.

“The thought of transferring over all of our paper forms was daunting but needed to be done, it was hard to know where to start.”

When she was told about GoFormz Mobile Forms from one of her vendors, Furniture Medic, Danielle immediately looked into it and realized it was exactly what she needed.

“We already have processes in place for particular forms on a per job basis so we were afraid we would have to change our whole layout and workflow. However, when realizing we could maintain the exact form with GoFormz, we were excited to get started, knowing our workflow wouldn’t be harmed and there would be minimal training needed.”

Upon using GoFormz to digitize forms and eventually switching over all her departments’ forms, she immediately saw a difference in her operations.

“The efficiency of our service reps was a complete 180. They are now always equipped with the right paper work for the job.”

This not only helped with their customer facing services but also helped reduce errors in the forms.

“With the conditional logic we built into the forms, there is less room for human error.”

More accurate data helped to greatly reduce the time required for the administrative team to process forms.

Most importantly, the efficiency of receiving the forms upon completion increased. It was very important for the administrative team to receive the forms immediately after a customer visit because they had to process and send the information to insurance companies. Duraclean is contracted with some of the Nation’s top Insurance companies, who expect them to submit client information within hours of visiting a site.

“Now we can fill out the entire form and upload images of the damages within an instant when using GoFormz.”

Key Benefits:

  • Reduction of errors in forms
  • Efficiency gains with customer facing services
  • Reduced administrative and processing times
  • Real time / Instant submission to Insurance companies
  • Quick and easy process to digitize forms and switch all their forms to mobile devices
  • Matching form layouts allowed them to avoid disruption of existing workflows

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