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Electrical contracting business improves communication and efficiencies with GoFormz

“Some of our electricians have been with the company for years, so it was really nice for them to be able to see a form that they’ve been filling out for a long time, right there on their device.”
– Kelly Paterra, Assistant Project Manager, Ferry Electric Company

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Manually delivering paperwork to and from field technicians was time consuming and caused costly delays. Ferry Electric Company needed a solution that would expedite form processing.


Implemented GoFormz to improve communication between office personnel and field employees. Technicians are dispatched their daily forms (from the front office) and those forms become instantly available for processing upon completion –– no more manual hand-ins.


  • Saved time and accelerated processing – Eliminated the need for manual hand-ins, completed forms are instantly available
  • Reduced tedious, repetitive data entry with auto-populated fields
  • Improved document distribution – copies of completed forms are immediately sent to form authors, as well as relevant departments and technicians
  • Digital forms that look just like their traditional paper forms


  • Time Cards
  • Safety Forms
  • Custom Daily Forms
  • Order Forms
  • Receipts
  • Expense Reports

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About Ferry Electric Company

Ferry Electric Company, the award winning Commercial Electrical Contractor from Pittsburgh, PA, takes pride in their loyal customers, reliability and variety of electrical services. Offering a full range of electrical services to commercial, institutional and industrial clients, the Ferry Electric Company team manages several projects at once. Striving for customer satisfaction within every project, they needed a digital solution that would alleviate obstacles to productivity.

The Full Story

Ferry Electric Company field technicians were burdened with a variety of documents that required manual data entry and hand-ins (sometimes even mailed in!). With a workforce divided between the office and numerous job sites, the company sought out a digital solution to improve communication between locations, and streamline data collection and delivery. Kelly Paterra, Assistant Project Manager at Ferry Electric Company, explained how they needed to optimize their process, “Finding a way to get the forms to and from the employees out of the office was essential to preventing delay and getting ahead of necessary paperwork.”

GoFormz Outperforms the Competition

The Ferry Electric Company team assessed many digital solutions, and ultimately were deciding between Canvas and GoFormz. After comparing the two side by side, the decision “was very overwhelming that GoFormz was the preferred outlet.” One of the standout reasons for this decision is that GoFormz allowed their team to create digital forms that look exactly like their traditional paper forms. With the familiar interface, almost no user training was required and it was easy for the team to use right away.

“Instead of having to learn a whole new device and how to fill out the form, it removed that second learning curve. They only really had to learn how to do it digitally, they already knew the form, they knew everything they needed to fill out… versus Canvas, where everything looked different, all the info was presented differently,” says Kelly.

With GoFormz implemented as the standard mobile form solution for their team, field technicians were able to complete and instantly submit documents from their iPads within a familiar user interface (identical to their original paper forms).

Automatically ‘Handed-in’ Records

In addition to presenting a familiar user interface, GoFormz also provided a solution to the company’s manual-hand in strife. “Every single form that the guys will fill out, a copy automatically gets emailed to themselves so they can keep it for their own records, and then another copy will get sent to whatever department makes sense.” Now, documents are instantly routed to relevant team members, keeping each department informed, productive and responsive.

“The time card gets sent to our accounting team, the panel schedules get sent to me… each form has a couple different people it will automatically get sent to upon completion.”

Faster Form Completions and Time-Savings

With the legacy paper forms, Ferry Electric Company technicians had to enter the same, repetitive set of data within numerous forms –– a tedious, time consuming task. “With GoFormz, they only have to fill out information one time, instead of having to write it out however many times they’d have to fill out a handwritten [form].” The Ferry Electric Company team is now enjoying their digitally earned efficiency and resulting time savings. “On average, we save about 63 hours a week on form completion, preventing miscommunication, limiting phone conversations, and order assistance. On top of those hours, we save about 1-2 business days by electronically sending completed forms immediately in place of delivering or mailing them from the field to the office.”

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