Indrutec streamlines the completion of their service reports, employee timesheets, and customer feedback forms with mobile manufacturing forms and their industry-specific API integration.

“Where we are today as a company is completely different from where we were prior to GoFormz – our employees and customers are extremely happy with the platform.”
– Timo Möller, General Manager, Indrutec Indrutec

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Indrutec frequently battled with illegible print and missing documentation, resulting in delayed customer invoices. They needed a solution that would digitize their paper-based forms for use on mobile devices, allowing their team to more efficiently complete client-facing and internal forms.


Indrutec implemented GoFormz to digitize their triplicate paper forms, allowing teams to easily generate and complete service reports from their mobile devices. Leveraging automated form sharing, Indrutec can automatically route completed forms to clients, employees, and their integrated API business application, eliminating the need for rekeying information, increased efficiency, and providing access to data in real-time.


  • Increased efficiency across company processes
  • Dramatically reduced time spent on service reports
  • More detailed and complete data, including new data types like images
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Better means of tracking employee hours worked


  • Service Report
  • Customer Feedback Form
  • Employee Timesheets

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About Indrutec

Based in Dortmund, Germany, Indrutec has over thirty years of experience as a reliable compressed air partner for many companies in the greater Ruhrgebiet area. Indrutec prides itself on customer satisfaction and prioritizes quality “on-site around-the-clock service” ranging from compressors and air conditioning to compressed air treatment and refrigeration.

The Full Story

Before seeking out a digital platform, Indrutec relied on triplicate paper forms to fill out and complete Service Reports for jobs performed by their service technicians. This process required Indrutec personnel to print out the form and manually fill out information, before providing a copy to the customer. This manual procedure often resulted in costly operational delays. “Technicians would get the form dirty from their fingers when trying to complete the service report,” explained Timo Möller, General Manager for Indrutec. “And oftentimes the service technicians would forget the Service Report on the dashboards and find them two weeks later which made it difficult to create invoices for customers.” With hundreds of service reports being completed by hand, this process became very inefficient and was due for a digital upgrade to enhance operational procedures for not only Indrutec but for their customers as well.

Seeking a way to optimize their inefficient data capture and invoicing, Timo Möller and his team sought out GoFormz.

“We can easily read what is being documented. In the past, guys from the service department would have to call the service technicians to ask what was written down on a paper form… with GoFormz we have eliminated that form of communication.”

Paper to Digital

Digital forms drastically simplified the documentation and collection of Service Reports, as well as communication between the service technicians and clients. Before implementing GoFormz, the Indrutec service technicians would start by filling out the top form. “You’d be lucky if you could read anything on the second page,” Timo explained. “And by the time you got to the third page, you wouldn’t be able to read anything at all." Now, technicians can generate new service reports directly from their iPads – allowing them to rapidly capture internal information about the company, compressors, client, and scope of work. Additionally, Indrutec service teams can now include new types of rich information, like before and after Images and electronic Signatures from clients, something they weren’t able to do with their paper-based workflow.

Once the service technician completes their work, they document their work, collect a signature from their client in real-time, and then submit their form from the field. These completed documents are automatically sent to the client’s email address and an Indrutec team email. In tandem, the completed documents are automatically made available in their industry-specific integration configured via the GoFormz API.

Elevating Forms to Enhance Customer Satisfaction

With the ability to add Image fields to digital forms, Indrutec has enhanced the quality of data captured, using before and after photos of work performed. Before using GoFormz, there was no way to show a client the changes made during service, making it difficult to visualize the value of the services performed. Rather than filling out a standard triplicate form, this digital version of the Service Report now provides Indrutec personnel and clients with a visual representation of what the scope of work looked like, improving transparency and communication.

Now, since implementing GoFormz, “customers are extremely happy” with how they can access their Service Reports and invoices in real-time. “New clients would choose to work with us because of the professionalism and structure that GoFormz has provided,” mentioned Timo. Since these changes have been made, Indrutec has noticed a change in customer satisfaction. “The customer is now able to read, access, and see what happened during the service right away,” added Tobias Großwald, Commercial Director for Indrutec. “Which is very important to us and the customer.”

Digital Consistency

Due to the immense value digital forms have brought to their client-facing operations, Indrutec has also implemented GoFormz within their internal processes. In order for employees to get paid, they now use GoFormz for their Daily Employee Timesheets, allowing them to track the work that is performed by each employee. “Not all of their activities are documented in Service Reports, and we want to ensure our employees get paid for the work they perform,” Timo explained. The automatic, real-time nature of these forms allows office personnel to better monitor employee hours, ensuring they are up-to-date and eliminating the possibility of missing documentation.

Focusing on their digital transformation, Indrutec also implemented a digital Customer Feedback Form to gain feedback from customers on their overall experience. “After a service is completed, we send a simple customer survey to the client,” explained Tobias. “It’s the little things [that GoFormz provides] for us that add value to our processes. Now Indrutec has instant access to client feedback. Once the form is completed, that information is instantly sent back to Indrutec personnel, who can access that information in real-time, improving visibility into customer feedback.


Indrutec now uses GoFormz to digitize and complete nearly their entire form collection including Service Reports, Customer Feedback Forms, Daily Timesheets, and more. This digital transformation has resulted in incredible benefits across the Indrutec operation. “We can now read everything that has been written down, which ultimately saves us time,” Timo emphasized, noting that since the digital transformation the employees have seen immense improvements to everyday business operations. Forms are now completed accurately with new data types, like Images, that are unavailable in paper documents, resulting in a higher level of documentation for the customer and easy to reference data for internal purposes.

What’s next?

As Indrutec continues to grow, they will be looking at how they can get more out of their API integration in order to eliminate paper entirely from their day-to-day processes. Additionally, they will be making updates to their Service Reports for a more modern client-facing look as well as evaluate what other GoFormz users are doing with the platform to get inspired for what more they can do with the product.

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