Achieves efficiency improvements with digital form routing and real-time data

“I can definitively say that in the first year GoFormz saved me $37,000.”
– Chris McLean, Managing Director & Co-Founder, IPS

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Burdened with overwhelming amounts of paperwork for every project, IPS needed a real-time, environmentally friendly way to reduce cumbersome paperwork demands, while expediting document completion.


By digitizing their paperwork with GoFormz, IPS could route the correct, digital forms to mobile teams, and receive project data back in real-time –– drastically improving processing times and efficiency.


  • Forms can be submitted, received and processed in real-time, expediting project progress and improving efficiencies
  • Improved client-facing communication via form sharing
  • Significant time and financial savings (approximately $37,000/year)
  • Reduced material paperwork demands (mobile teams no longer required to carry tangible resources with them –– everything is digital)
  • Paperwork is no longer lost or delayed


  • Inspection Forms
  • Audit Forms
  • Calibration Forms
  • AIP Forms

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About IPS

Founded in 2009, Integrated Petroleum Solutions (IPS) is an Australian fuel services company. Frequently tasked with projects within volatile environments (for example, electrical work in explosive or hazardous areas) IPS leadership prioritizes the utmost safety of their team and clients, and consistently search for new, improved methods of completing their work –– saving valuable time and money.

The Full Story

The IPS team was heavily burdened by cumbersome, overwhelming paperwork. Working within the petroleum industry, there is a large amount of necessary paper work that must be completed before beginning your day. Tasked with a range of ten to twelve different documents to complete before starting a project, paper-based forms became a daily hindrance to the IPS team’s project progress.

Chris McLean, a Managing Director and co-founder of IPS, knew he would need a flexible, user-friendly solution to his paperwork problem. Hoping to improve communication and timeliness between his office-based and mobile teams, Chris sought out an environmentally responsible platform to host his large collection of project documents.

So Many Options, Only One Solution

Chris began searching for the ideal digital solution, testing PDF writers and similar paperless platforms, only to discover that none of his options granted the flexibility and ownership his team would need. After explaining his paper-plagued problems to a colleague, Chris was introduced to GoFormz.

After a beer and a walk-through of the GoFormz platform, Chris was sold on GoFormz, “Once I got ahold of [GoFormz] I became a bit addicted to uploading every form I had.” As Chris began introducing GoFormz to his team and business, he found himself impressed by the platform’s capabilities. “When I first started, I thought to myself, there must be a catch… but it never happened.”

Just Add Data

Chris and the IPS team have since mastered GoFormz. Responsible for creating each form template, Chris has found form creation to be incredibly simple.

“Now it takes me about ten minutes, and I’ve got a fully digitized new template, ready to go.”

Form template creation is not the only task the IPS team has digitally mastered. At first, Chris’ team was wary of mobile forms, but once introduced, they quickly recognized the benefits of digital paperwork and processing. No longer burdened by binders, books and other manual resources, IPS mobile teams could now complete their project forms and reports on-site, with ease.

Before GoFormz, IPS office personnel would face significant wait times between form completion and final collection and delivery to the office. Before digitizing their forms, IPS office teams were required to wait until forms were collected at the end of the week, significantly delaying processing. Now, completed forms are instantly available to back-office teams for review and invoicing –– expediting processing and improving client-facing responsiveness.

Sharing is Caring

The IPS team especially values its strong relationship with customers and partners. When working with paper forms, providing customers with copies of completed forms, or collecting client information, was a time consuming, slow process. Now, using GoFormz, documents can be instantly shared with customers.

“Customers will request a copy be left onsite, and now you can email a form straight from your tablet, not only directly to your office, but also straight to the client.”

Serious Savings

Paperless operations are gifted with a plethora of digital benefits, including major time and financial savings. When IPS digitized their project documents, they realized incredible, similar benefits. By significantly reducing printing demands, IPS decreased their printing budget from $700 a month, to a mere $1,400 a year. A savings of $7,000. In addition, resulting reduced administrative demands allowed the IPS team to minimize staffing hours, resulting in a savings of $30,000. All in all, a total savings of around $37,000 in their first year of using GoFormz.

Looking to the Future

IPS is now looking to expand their incredible, digital efficiencies to their back-office teams, while also adding to their technician user base. The opportunity to digitize frequently used office documents, like invoices, presents the potential for further savings, and largely optimized workflows throughout the operation.

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