Lifeline Addiction Specialists

Lifeline Addiction Specialists streamlines the completion of patient intake forms with HIPAA-secure mobile forms while leveraging form sharing to expedite the patient onboarding process.

“It’s a testament to the quality of the product that I don’t have to call GoFormz all the time. It’s one of the software platforms that I interact with regularly that I never have to fix. It just works.”
– Darren Sanders, Lab Manager, Lifeline Addiction Specialists


Lifeline Addiction Specialists sought a digital solution to streamline patient scheduling, improve operational visibility, reduce onboarding delays, and keep pace with their competition.


Lifeline Addiction Specialists turned to GoFormz to digitize their patient intake forms for HIPAA-secure data collection, resulting in seamless online form sharing and accelerated patient onboarding.


  • Expedites the onboarding process of patients via the Public Forms sharing feature
  • HIPPA-secure data capture provides security and peace of mind to patients and their families
  • Collects more complete, accurate data with Required fields
  • Digital data capture empowers Lifeline Addiction Specialists to more effectively evaluate new patients and efficiently follow up

Digital Form Type

Patient Intake Form

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About Lifeline Addiction Specialists

Based in West Virginia, Lifeline Addiction Specialists helps with addiction treatment and behavioral health needs. They offer an “office-based medication assisted treatment program for adults with opioid dependence” as well as psychiatrists to assist with underlying causes of substance abuse issues. Their services include Medication Assisted Treatment: Buprenorphine (Suboxone) and Primary Care of patients in the program.

The Full Story

Lifeline Addiction Specialists recognized they needed to make technological advancements to keep pace with their industry’s rapid modernization and sought out a digital form solution provider. “I was tasked with locating a completable, digital form solution that would be easy to access for our new patients to complete and fill out, as well as allow our specialists the ability to complete some routine documents for our patients’ compliance,” stated Darren Sanders, Lab Manager for Lifeline Addiction Specialists. Darren explained how this recognition for technological advancements started when their competitors modernized their onboarding processes. “A number of our competitors were streamlining their processes through digital transformation and we wanted to offer our patients a similar ease of onboarding to remain competitive.”

“Within 48 hours after our initial testing phase, we had our form working and I was able to embed that form into the website.”

Joining the Digital Transformation Movement

For too long, Lifeline Addiction Specialists battled with a manual, tedious paper documentation process. “Prior to onboarding GoFormz, we required patients to be onsite to complete and fill out forms which created various delays and scheduling conflicts,” Darren explained. Manual documentation not only results in frequent delays and incomplete documents but creates time-consuming, burdensome paperwork for specialists – creating an inefficient workflow for not only Lifeline Addiction Specialists but also the patients and families they served. “When it was made known to our organization that various other programs within our vicinity were using [digital forms] to streamline their workflows, we knew we had to join the movement.”

After signing up for a free trial, Darren worked with GoFormz personnel for training on the product and assistance with setting up their digital form. “Within 48 hours after our initial testing phase, we had our form working and I was able to embed that form into the website.” Leveraging the Public Forms feature, which allows users to share links to their forms for individuals outside of their account to fill out and complete, Lifeline Addiction Specialists are now able to provide their patients with the ability to complete their forms from the comfort of their home – removing the need for manual form delivery and any scheduling delays.

Expedite Onboarding Processes

Darren digitized Lifeline Addiction Specialists’ Patient Intake Form, their most commonly used document. “As families of potential patients call or come into the office, they are navigated to our company website to the link for the new patient form,” Darren explained, emphasizing just how critical this form was to the organization. “As far as our process goes, this is an important document for our records and our patients during their initial assessment to determine if they are a good candidate for our program.” Given the importance of this document, Darren leveraged Required fields to ensure all critical data was captured prior to form submission, streamlining the assessment process for specialists and patients.

Once the form has been submitted by a patient, a member of Lifeline Addiction Specialists is notified, allowing specialists to act quickly and further accelerate processing. After reviewing the submitted form, intake specialists contact the patients through the phone number captured within the form to begin the onboarding process. “In a very streamlined way, our personnel no longer have to hunt people down for information. [Digital forms] have completely simplified our onboarding process which has resulted in our patients being extremely happy.”

Being in a very competitive market, Darren continued to emphasize the importance this form makes in the decision-making process for families of patients. “How quickly you’re able to get a patient into your program, ultimately determines what clinic that patient will end up going to.” By modernizing this process, Lifeline Addiction Specialists are able to expedite the onboarding process which results in a higher probability of acquiring more patients into their program.


Lifeline Addiction Specialists has witnessed impactful efficiency improvements by leveraging the Public Forms feature. “It has definitely made a positive impact in our ability to get patients onboarded quickly and efficiently,” mentioned Darren. With more accessible, streamlined documentation, forms are now completed faster, made accessible for specialists in real-time, and require no manual form delivery, which in turn expedites the patient onboarding process and eliminates opportunities for scheduling conflicts, miscommunication, and human error.