Paratransit company digitizes vehicle inspection process, saving time and improving accuracy

“GoFormz is providing us peace of mind knowing we can produce all inspections whenever an audit occurs”
– Christy Dowling, Office Manager, MIDS Inc.

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Sought a solution to better prepare the company for future Department of Human Services audits regarding their vehicle inspections. Their existing paper based process resulted in large amounts of paper consumption and required lots of physical space for filing, making it very difficult to find specific forms during an audit.


Implemented GoFormz to completely digitize their vehicle inspection forms, making them easy for their drivers to fill out using mobile devices. All completed forms are digitally stored in the Cloud.


  • Substantially improved how easy and fast it is to locate archived forms. This was particularly useful for unexpected audits
  • Saved large amounts of time spent on filing and record keeping
  • Ensured all forms are properly filled out, and accounted for
  • Increased vehicle inspection data accuracy by using unique mobile form features like conditional logic and automated fields


  • Vehicle Inspection Forms

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About MIDS Inc.

Founded by Cooley and Debbie Hobdy in 1987, MIDS Inc. provides safe and reliable paratransit transportation services in the state of Georgia. Today, you can find their main office in Valdosta, GA, but they are also servicing clients in over 25 other counties located in the southern part of the state. Currently, they have 80 vehicles ready to service all their customers.

Over the years MIDS Inc. has become a leader in the transportation industry through their continued success in providing exceptional customer service and satisfaction. This has resulted in winning contracts with large government agencies like the Department of Human Services and Georgia Department of Transportation. Although they continue to achieve new goals and find success, their objective has always remained the same, “To provide safe and reliable transportation for all of our clients.”

The Full Story

If you plan to go into the paratransit transportation business in Georgia, and want to have contracts with large government agencies, be prepared for all the government regulations that come with the territory. Paperwork and audits are big part of that process.

There Must be a Better Way

Before discovering GoFormz in the summer of 2016, every person that drove a MIDS van had to perform a complete vehicle inspection using paper forms.

“Before our drivers could even start their vehicles in the morning… they must do an inspection mandated by the Department of Human Services as a safety protocol.” –Christy Dowling

According to Christy, an Office Manager at MIDS Inc., filling out the vehicle inspection itself was straightforward, “Drivers would take a paper form and walk around the vehicle to inspect different parts while hand writing notes and providing check marks.”

Though the practice of completing forms was routine, gathering the forms to process them was time consuming, and filing them and accessing them was challenging. Recordkeeping was particularly daunting because the team needed to be able to locate and produce specific inspection forms whenever an auditor came knocking.

“When forms were turned in, somebody would have to make sure that they had one for every single person that drove that day.” –Christy Dowling

With a large daily fleet of 80 drivers across 28 counties, it is easy to picture the volume of forms generated and how accounting for each one is no simple task, especially when filled on paper.

“We had tons of paperwork every day! 80 vans, 7 days a week, do the math. It really starts to add up.” –Christy Dowling

The MIDS teammates responsible for processing and filing vehicle inspection forms knew that there must be better options than their current system.

“We got to thinking, there has to be a better way than dealing with all this paper. If we can put a man on the moon than we can surely do this!” –Christy Dowling

A Hero Rises

Thankfully, it did not take more than a few Google searches for the team to come across the GoFormz Mobile Forms Platform. MIDS quickly started their free trial and utilized the GoFormz customer success team and tools to start creating a digital version of their inspection form.

“Our GoFormz Sales Rep was tremendous! He was very quick to respond to our emails even though we had to tweak our forms several times. We were testing different things to see what worked best for our form and he tweaked everything we needed.” –Christy Dowling

The new digital form had all the capabilities the MIDS teams were looking for. Drivers no longer had to worry about dealing with paper forms every day and/or forgetting to properly fill out and submit their inspections. Their new forms could be completed on their mobile phones and tablets, and conditional logic built into the form would not allow them to complete a form if data was missing. Poor penmanship was also no longer an issue – all information entered was clear and easy to read. Their new forms also included unique GoFormz fields like pre-filled date and text fields as well as custom email routing logic that notifies the appropriate personnel when an issue arose with one of their vehicles.

As for the team in the office, their lives became significantly easier. When drivers completed their vehicle inspections from various locations, the forms were automatically emailed to the office, removing the need to physically hand in a form. The piles of paper forms around the MIDS offices started to disappear. All their vehicle inspection forms were stored in the cloud, centralized and easy to find and access. A GoFormz report quickly produces all past vehicle inspections for audits. The team had finally achieved the peace of mind that they had been looking for.

“If they called to audit us tomorrow, we can easily run a report on all our forms!” –Christy Dowling

What’s Next

With their new digital vehicle inspection forms and process in place, the MIDS teams have experienced numerous benefits. Completing and submitting forms is the fastest they have ever been, without ever losing a form. The offices have won back more time to spend in other areas of the company and have eliminated the stacks of paper that once dominated their office space.

“GoFormz is providing us peace of mind knowing we can produce all inspections whenever an audit occurs.” –Christy Dowling

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