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Digitizes construction documentation to centralize and easily access their data

“Now [with GoFormz], when forms are turned in, they are not only complete, but legible and formatted properly.”
– Bryan Copley, Small Projects & Handyman Division Manager, Nicholson Builders

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Needed to simplify documentation to better avoid incomplete, illegible and missing data.


Used GoFormz to optimize workflows, improve data capture and centralize documentation, allowing Nicholson Builders to greatly reduce processing errors and significantly save time.


  • Reduced processing errors by utilizing conditional logic and auto-calculations within forms.
  • Eliminated the need for workers to manually hand in paper forms by automating form submissions resulting in time savings and money.
  • Centralized documentation to better track and rapidly access submitted data.


  • Project Proposals
  • Timesheets
  • Invoice Forms

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About Nicholson Builders

Nicholson Builders prioritizes innovation and customer-centricity. Since 2003, They have provided a thorough, positive construction experience through innovative design, exceptional service, quality craftsmanship and trustworthy communication. Throughout the design and construction process, Nicholson Builders ensures their customers remain involved and informed of project progress, a difficult task when relying upon paper.

The Full Story

When new clients called Nicholson Builders, their information would be handwritten on a piece of paper. From there, the team used even more paper forms—from project proposals, timesheets, invoicing forms and more—to complete the client’s project. “When a client called in, we would write down their information and have to keep track of the related forms,” explain Bryan Copley, Small Projects and Handyman Division Manager at Nicholson Builders. “Our forms were spread out and fragmented.” Once a project was completed, workers had to return to the office to turn in all their paper forms, an error-prone, tedious undertaking.

One Platform, Endless Solutions

As it became more difficult to track and process forms, Bryan realized it was time to find a better way. After testing several different solutions, Nicholson Builders began their digital transformation with GoFormz.

“GoFormz was the one app that encompassed what we were looking for.”

Before GoFormz, a large amount of time was spent processing forms and correcting manual errors. When completing forms, team members had to manually enter and annotate data with crucial information before handing forms off to the back office for processing. Once the forms were handed in, information was often not properly formatted, hard to read, and incomplete. Office personnel regularly had to contact field workers to provide clarification for their forms –– wasting valuable time, and allowing for further miscommunication.

Versatile Form Fields Provide Meaningful Data

With GoFormz, Bryan has seen significant improvements in information accuracy and data entry consistency. GoFormz has also allowed Nicholson Builders to harness pre-populated data, so forms are automatically filled in with customer information, reducing incomplete and incorrect data.

“Because we’re able to access our all forms through GoFormz, it simplifies the processes in the field.”

Embedded images allow the Nicholson Builders team to take photos of receipts and annotate them directly on forms, further reducing the need for office workers to seek clarification for incomplete data or illegible handwriting. Automated workflows ensure that job tickets are sent back to the office as soon as they are completed, eliminating reliance upon manual hand-ins.

With the GoFormz platform, Nicholson Builders have saved a considerable amount of time and money. Bryan estimates that he and his workers save about 20 hours per week thanks to their digital forms and workflows. A major key to their success: implementing GoFormz throughout their division. “I’ve tried to put every form we use into GoFormz. Currently, about 95% of the forms we use are on GoFormz”

Evolving with GoFormz

What’s next for Nicholson Builders? As they continue to use GoFormz, they hope to find new, versatile ways to implement mobile forms throughout their business. “When we create a new form, one of our first thoughts is how we can optimize the form with GoFormz,” Bryan said. With improved workflows, increased efficiency and legible forms, Nicholson Builders strives to better their business, one form at a time.

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