Pre-populates digital installation reports with highly accurate project data

“Not only are installation reports now available across Octink’s digital devices, but they can also host highly useful field types like Images and Barcodes.”
– Andrew Nizyborski, Systems Development Manager, Octink

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Octink needed a digital form solution that would allow installers to rapidly complete installation reports and seamlessly integrate with their own internal systems.


Octink now leverages GoFormz to digitize and pre-populate their installation forms. With mobile form fields instantly populated with job data, forms are completed faster and far more accurately. Digital forms have also allowed Octink to present their clients with more professional, modern forms.


  • Time savings resulting from pre-populated form fields
  • Increased data accuracy and reduced human error
  • Streamlined data collection and processing automation


  • Installation Reports

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About Octink:

Octink is a producer of display graphics, signage, site hoardings, and interior solutions, located in London. Octink provides ‘end to end’ services, assisting their clients through the entirety of their project, from concept to installation.

The search for a solution

Octink needed a digital solution to modernize their installation reports and client communications. Andrew Nizyborski, a Systems Development Manager at Octink, detailed the company’s reliance on documentation when completing installations and providing clients with project updates. “When each job is done a form is sent back to us so we have proof of the work being done,” explained Andrew. This form was usually the completed Installation Form, which requires a variety of installation and project details.

“The installation form has a lot of fields, like, the address, job number, job reference, travel time, if there is any overtime, notes, and pictures from installers,” Andrew elaborated. Before GoFormz, installation photos would need to be separately emailed to customers requiring additional time and introducing further opportunities for human error. Needing a way to streamline and refine this process, Octink turned to GoFormz.

Digital installation reports

With digital installation reports, Octink has drastically streamlined their installation reporting and communication. Not only are installation reports now available across Octink’s digital devices, but they can also host highly useful field types like Images and Barcodes. The ability to include contextual field types, like Images, now allows Octink to route completed installation reports to customers, complete with visual proof of work completed. “[The reports are] much better when everything is nicely documented within one PDF,” Andrew emphasized.

“Not only are installation reports now available across Octink’s digital devices, but they can also host highly useful field types like Images and Barcodes.”

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The next step in Octink’s installation report evolution was to leverage QR codes to instantly populate the form’s fields with project data. This was first accomplished by distributing QR codes via paper documents, which when scanned, would generate and pre-populate a digital installation report. This process, however, did not fully eliminate Octink’s reliance on paper forms, leading the business to further automate and streamline the process by connecting GoFormz to their web application. Now, by selecting a link from the Octink web application, a digital installation report is instantly generated within GoFormz, pre-populated with relevant install details.

“This saves a lot of time and it eliminates human error,” Andrew explained. The success of Octink’s web application and GoFormz has also allowed their operation to leverage automation – a task made difficult by frequent human error. “If an installer made a mistake when entering a job reference number, then the automation didn’t work. Now that we are not asking them to manually add a job reference, because the job reference is pre-populated by the system, there are no errors. Now the automation works properly.” Utilizing automation, completed GoFormz mobile forms can even alert Octink’s system that the status of an installation job has changed. “The incoming GoFormz form changes the status of the installation job in their system to complete.”

“The quality of information is so much better.”


With modern, digital forms, Octink has not only improved the efficiency and professionalism of their client communications, but has also significantly reduced opportunities for human error. “GoFormz has definitely eliminated errors for us when passing information between [the back office] and installers, for both our internal guys or subcontractors,” Andrew explained. “It also speeds up the time installers spend completing form fields because many of the fields are pre-populated for them. Which also leads to better accuracy. The quality of information is so much better.”

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