OKC Speech, LLC

Digitized their insurance documents to be easily completed and collected via mobile forms

“GoFormz has definitely made my life so much easier.”
– Cara Barber, Chief Financial Officer, OKC Speech, LLC


OKC Speech relied entirely on paper forms for their operations, leading to extensive use of office supplies and various operational inefficiencies. To address these issues and enhance client communication, streamline paperwork processing, and simplify patient onboarding, they needed a digital form solution to replace their entirely paper-based process.


Thanks to GoFormz, the OKC Speech team eradicated their paper-based process and effectively streamlined their patient data collection, all while minimizing change by converting their paper forms into a digital format. With the use of powerful features like Public Forms, Conditional Logic, Required Fields, electronic signatures, and automations, OKC Speech is able to accurately capture completed patient documentation and process the information in real time.


  • Transformed their 100% paper-based process into a digital, automated process
  • Leverages Required fields to enforce form completion, ensuring complete patient data
  • Saves thousands of dollars on office supplies

Digital Form Type

Patient Intake Form

Client Evaluation Forms

Insurance Consent Form

Various Insurance Forms

Release Form

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About OKC Speech, LLC

OKC Speech is a private practice that specializes in pediatric speech, occupational, and physical therapy. Their goal is to assist children in achieving their highest level of communication and developmental potential. With three Oklahoma locations, they offer therapy services in a variety of settings, including homes, daycares, community settings, and private clinics.

100% Paper

The OKC Speech team’s heavy dependence on paper for documenting patient data led to an excessive amount of paperwork, expensive office supplies, and tiresome administrative work. Cara Barber, Chief Financial Officer for OKC Speech began the conversation by saying, “I would say we probably spent over a thousand dollars a month on just paper alone from printing, scanning, and uploading.” Relying solely on paper for all patient documentation quickly became an expensive process but also demanded excessive administrative work.

In addition, as OKC Speech utilizes various insurance documents for their patient paperwork, it was imperative that there were no errors on the pages. Any mistakes would require patients to redo the insurance forms, resulting in redundant work and a poor customer experience. “Parents would accidentally fill them out incorrectly and we wouldn't know until we went to process it. And then we would have to have them completely start over and they would get upset with us because they had already filled out the paperwork.”

Barber recognized there was an opportunity to enhance their existing processes through digital transformation and searched the internet to find the perfect digital tool. “I got a quote from one other company and it was absolutely outrageous,” she exclaimed. “We have three locations and are still a really small company. That wasn’t something we could afford.” This led them to find GoFormz. After jumping on a quick demo of the platform and connecting with a member of the sales team, OKC Speech quickly identified GoFormz as a perfect fit. “With your pricing model and how the platform works, it’s been perfect for what we needed.”

Getting Used to Digital Data Capture

“The first thing I did was make a mock version of our insurance consent forms just to upload and play with in GoFormz,” Barber recalled. After exploring the platform, she quickly began uploading most of their other forms. “I knew what I was doing after a little bit,” Barber said. After that, she went on to create their client evaluation forms which are about 14 to 16 pages long. “It took me less than a day to do the whole thing.” Barber rapidly became accustomed to the GoFormz platform and appreciated the convenience of the drag-and-drop feature, as well as the ability to utilize their original paper forms to facilitate user adoption. “Your system is very easy to use. I had no issue at all getting started.”

Once OKC Speech’s new digital process was created, there was little resistance from the rest of the staff. “My office staff loves [GoFormz] because they can actually read everything. We used to have a hard time reading people’s handwriting when it came to filling out paperwork,” explained Barber. “They go on and on about how great it is and how much easier it is than using paper copies.”

“My office staff loves [GoFormz] because they can actually read everything. We used to have a hard time reading people’s handwriting when it came to filling out paperwork.”

– Cara Barber, Chief Financial Officer, OKC Speech, LLC

A Variety of Data Types

OKC Speech didn’t hesitate to leverage any features, and instead equipped their digital forms with a multitude of functionalities that simplify the form-filling process and streamline processing on the administrative end.

To start off, a majority of their forms feature electronic signature capture. They also implemented Required fields to reinforce data collection and eliminate the possibility of missing information during paperwork processing. This was a frequent problem encountered with paper forms, which has now been completely eliminated.

Equipped with Conditional Logic, the OKC Speech team can get all the necessary paperwork filled out right away by providing a unique form-filling experience for each form user depending on their responses. “We used to have them fill out the original form and then we would have to go back and have them fill out more paperwork as we had got more information.” Conditional Logic streamlines the form-filling process by guiding the user and enabling additional forms to auto-populate into the sequence, making the experience more efficient. “Using GoFormz, I was able to put this all into one form. So now it saves so much time, so much paper, and so much ink.”

None of this would be possible without the capability of being able to preserve the look and feel of their existing documents. “I definitely think the fact that it looks exactly the same as our paper form is one of the best things because we have to have specific forms for insurance.” GoFormz is the only digital form solution provider that allows for this capability, which not only streamlines user adoption but also minimizes the need for change. Especially for businesses that are required to use specific forms, this feature is an added bonus to streamlining processes.

Public Forms and Automations

OKC Speech has an abundance of forms that they require to be filled out and completed. “I have about 14 forms we use. About nine of those are just variations of one form, like different insurances or different disciplines that we're trying to capture,” Barber went on to explain, “Then I also have multiple forms for individual use, like certain insurance forms, certain release forms for the parents, and certain case histories that they could send.” When relying on paper forms, it can be easy for things to get lost in translation, or it can be challenging to expect parents to pick them up in advance. Through the use of online shareable forms, otherwise known as Public Forms, OKC Speech is able to eliminate the hassle of manual form delivery and pick-up by sharing a link to their patient forms with parents. “We do have travel clients so we see people at daycares and then in homes. Being able to email those forms to those parents so we don't have to physically bring an iPad or physically bring a pack of paper is nice because sometimes the parents aren’t even there.”

Once all of these forms are completed, Automated Workflows are in place to reduce administrative demands and streamline patient onboarding. “Our main referral coordinator processes all of our new clients,” Barber continued. “She loves [GoFormz] and it's made her life so much easier being able just to email it out instead of relying on a paper copy, hoping for a picture or a scan of it to be sent back.” Rather than relying on manual form delivery or parents completing forms at the office, once a packet of forms is completed online, they are ready in real time for processing.

“GoFormz has definitely made my life so much easier.”

– Cara Barber, Chief Financial Officer, OKC Speech, LLC

Benefits and ROI

With the number of paper forms OKC Speech was using in the past, the savings on office supplies alone were extremely noticeable. “We actually switched to GoFormz at the exact same time that we switched to electronic faxing. So with those two switches, we have saved probably thousands of dollars or more just on paper alone,” Barber noted. “We probably received thirty faxes a day, some of them being up to twenty pages,” Barber continued on to say, “So we were buying like three ink cartridges a week and now we're only buying one or two a month.” The OKC Speech team was able to reduce their office supply costs and streamline their administrative work by incorporating digital forms into their daily processes. “GoFormz has definitely made my life so much easier.”

What’s Next for OKC Speech

As OKC Speech approaches one full year with GoFormz, they plan on continuing to grow their paperless initiative by incorporating a few more forms and processes into the platform. “I’ll actually be releasing a whole other version of our re-evaluations out,” Barber explained, “we're also going to be integrating some testing protocols into GoFormz as a kind of test to see how it does handling that.”