PurAir streamlines the completion of their production forms with digital forms and automated workflows.

“The FDA loves that we use GoFormz!”
– Brandon Medlock, IT Lead, PurAir


Paperwork forms were often misplaced, damaged, illegible, inaccurate, or incomplete.


PurAir utilized GoFormz to improve record-keeping, significantly enhance production processes, and remove opportunities for human error via form logic and data validation, resulting in significant savings.


  • Saves approximately $5,000 a year in labor costs
  • Leverages automated form routing, resulting in significant time savings
  • Eliminates opportunities for human error and accelerates form completion processes via form logic
  • Enhances production form professionalism

Digital Form Type

Production Form

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About PurAir

PurAir is a medical oxygen supply company that provides equipment for home care companies, hospitals, and nursing homes. With 95% of their business model focused on oxygen-related equipment, PurAir also offers additional complementary gases and therapy equipment for the convenience of their customers. “From transfilling vessels containing compressed oxygen and cryogenically contained liquid oxygen to the testing and repair of oxygen equipment, PurAir provides everything you need when it comes to medical oxygen.”

The Full Story

Similar to pharmaceutical drug companies, PurAir is held accountable by the Food and Drug Administration, making the accurate, detailed recording of their oxygen fill production process critical – a process made difficult by paper forms and manual data capture. “Because we are so stringently regulated, you can’t just erase something from a form, or scratch it out. You have to document what you do and then rewrite the entire form,” explained Brandon Medlock, IT Lead for PurAir. “So if you made a mistake on line three, column seven of a production form, you would then have to rewrite the entire form and write a report on what you messed up.” This process of rewriting information added excessive administrative demands to production, ultimately resulting in PurAir seeking out a digital solution to replace their paper-based process.

A digital solution

“We were forced to go out and seek something digital,” recalled Brandon. “We knew digitally you would be able to note when a field was changed at the exact time to remedy a specific error, without having to rewrite the entire document.” To make the transition from paper to digital, PurAir needed to digitize specific paper forms while still adhering to the standards of the FDA. To meet FDA standards and achieve their efficiency goals, PurAir turned to GoFormz to digitize their forms and processing.

GoFormz’s patented solution enables users to upload their existing paper forms and create identical, digital versions. With the help of the GoFormz team, PurAir replicated and digitized their paper-based production form, allowing FDA officials the ability to easily approve the compliance of PurAir’s new digital solution. “The FDA loves that we use GoFormz!”

Out with the old, in with the new

PurAir’s process of documenting and recording critical data was extremely manual, from start to finish, creating opportunities for human error and costly administrative burdens. Prior to GoFormz, it routinely took an hour and a half for the production team to manually record each oxygen fill on their grid production form. When errors would occur, the process of rewriting all that critical data only added to the costly production delays. By digitizing their production form, PurAir was able to eliminate inaccurate data that was originally being documented and ensure data accuracy and completeness. “A lot of conditional logic that is present in GoFormz would have been impossible on a paper form,” Brandon explained. “It has saved us countless times.”

Since personnel could write whatever they want on a paper form, there were no restrictions to prohibit the input of inaccurate data. Whereas, with digital forms equipped with logic, users can be guided through the entry of data and completion of forms, increasing data integrity. “The advantage lies with the fact that we can restrict what people fill out in GoFormz. They can’t use the wrong letter on a test or leave a field blank…all of that is restricted.”

What makes this process truly powerful is what takes place once a form is completed. “Upon completion, the form is transferred to a QCU (Quality Control Unit) and that person exists at each of our locations.” This part of the production process is meant for a second set of eyes on the work conducted by the production team to ensure data integrity. “If there are errors, they note it and send it back to the team with corrections. If there are no errors, the QCU signs off on each column and then hits complete,” explained Brandon.

With the help of GoFormz, this originally manual process is now fully automated, increasing efficiency and resulting in significant time savings. “Prior to GoFormz you would see laziness come out in people,” explained Brandon. “The production station is a decent walk away from the main office, so personnel would hold all the mess-ups till the end of the day and then tell people they wouldn’t be able to leave until their forms were all corrected.”


PurAir has witnessed impactful improvements and a sense of “peace of mind” since implementing GoFormz. “We know a form will never go truly missing. Even if a form is deleted, we’ve reached out to our Account Manager and asked them to undelete a form and send it back to us,” explained Brandon. “Once something has been entered in GoFormz unless the form is manually backspaced then it is truly never gone.” PurAir prioritizes record-keeping, so understanding everything can be easily retrieved and saved in a secure Cloud-based platform has greatly enhanced PurAir’s operational efficiency and productivity.

Along with operational improvements, PurAir has also seen a significant increase in time savings. “It has saved our people an extra hour at the end of the day because they don’t have to rewrite everything, they can just change a digital field and be done.” Due to the digital nature of their production forms, PurAir personnel no longer have to rewrite information. Instead, users can note changes made on the digital production forms and automatically send their forms for review without needing to do a manual handoff – resulting in an increase in productivity and significant time savings.

Additionally, PurAir has saved significantly on labor costs and is anticipating seeing more cost savings in the future with their upcoming plans with GoFormz. “Up until this point, GoFormz has saved us roughly $5,000 a year with labor costs in a 7-year relationship,” expressed Brandon. “But moving forward with what we have in place for the future, we are anticipating we will save even more!” Since PurAir has been able to pursue a paperless initiative with automation in place, they have seen an overall increase in not only labor and time savings, but workplace productivity, efficiency, and a significant increase in professionalism with the FDA.

“Up until this point, GoFormz has saved us roughly $5,000 a year with labor costs. But moving forward with what we have planned for the future, we are anticipating we will save even more.”

– Brandon Medlock, IT Lead, PurAir

What’s next?

Since integrating GoFormz into their new standard operating procedures on the production side, PurAir is looking to digitize their field operations next. “We are currently running a pilot for the guys in the field since we handle production and delivery”, explained Brandon. For the last fifteen years, the PurAir field teams have used paper forms to capture critical information, resulting in a huge implementation process taking place. “The field guys currently show up to the drop site with a piece of paper and they write down everything they are dropping off and have the customer sign it, then bring it back to the office,” explained Brandon. The problem at hand remains the bringing it back component as paper forms can get damaged or lost, resulting in costly delays.

“We’re putting a lot of work into implementing this paperless packing slip procedure which is taking more time than the original use case,” explained Brandon. “If this works out the way it’s shaping up to, then we’ll be saving even more time and resources down the long haul.”

Additionally, PurAir currently downloads their completed forms and stores them on secure thumb drives in a safe. As a part of their next phase of implementing GoFormz, they are looking to leverage our integration capabilities and connect their Sharepoint and Microsoft OneDrive to automatically upload their completed forms. By doing so, PurAir will have a fully automated process between production and field operations, resulting in significant time savings and eliminating extra administrative overhead.