Streamlines purchase orders with the GoFormz-Procore integration

"It's all about time savings for us. Instead of reconciling invoices after 30 days we're doing it in 24 hours."
Steve Laforge, VP of Operations, Rescom


With high-end commercial and residential clients, Rescom needed a way to reconcile invoices and keep purchase orders in line during each of their construction and remodeling projects. Their pen and paper methods of tracking miscellaneous expenses and purchase orders (POs) meant that proper billing and invoicing could be delayed up to 30 days.


Began using the GoFormz and Procore integration to automate the collection of purchase order details and allow for dual levels of signature approvals.


  • POs sync into Procore daily
  • Invoices and vendor orders are processed immediately
  • Dual level of approvals means increased accountability
  • Reduce administrative workload

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Purchase Orders

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About Rescom

Rescom specializes in commercial and luxury residential construction throughout Western Canada. Since its inception in 1979, Rescom has built some of the most innovative homes and commercial spaces that have contributed to its well-earned reputation for quality craftsmanship, client satisfaction, and commitment to a collaborative process. Whether you’re in the market for a custom home, a remodel to breathe new life into your existing home, or a trusted partner to build out your business, Rescom is your construction solution.

The Paper Conundrum

Things run smoothly in the day-to-day business at Rescom – using the Procore Construction Management software solution they have most of their immediate business needs covered. However, when it came to needing multiple levels of approval, and finding a solution for documenting additional supply purchases, Rescom hit a wall. As a business that runs with the help of subcontractors, there is often additional oversight needed when tracking project costs and supplies, all overseen by Project Managers and Project Coordinators.

When a Superintendent needed to make a purchase for additional supplies - anything from additional drywall boards to screws - they would need to get approval for these purchases and then send a receipt/invoice of the charges to the main office. Before GoFormz, this was done by calling the main office, getting assigned a PO number, making the purchase, and manually submitting a receipt/invoice. Inevitably this led to problems, like misplaced POs, difficulty reading details and reasons, and up to a 30-day turnaround time for reconciling suppliers' invoices. It was also dependent upon the Superintendent to inform the PM as well as the office team about every purchase needed.

Finding GoFormz

Knowing the Rescom team wanted a way to streamline their PO process and get dual levels of approval for their POs, they went to a trusted solution first: Procore. Procore was happy to recommend GoFormz as their ideal solution, and a beautiful partnership was born. Steve Laforge, VP of Operations at Rescom, took on the task of coordinating the GoFormz implementation with the rest of his team.

“There was a gap with the field staff,” Laforge explained. When Rescom’s field staff would try to make additional purchases for individual projects they would have to call into the office and get a PO number, “and that process was all manual, with a pen and paper!” So how was the team going to streamline this process?

The Road to Automation

The first step was making sure that POs could automatically populate with information from their existing list of vendors and suppliers. Laforge and the rest of the office team didn’t want the field staff spending too much time re-entering information that already existed. Thankfully, the GoFormz and Procore integration made that process easy by using a DataSource to provide pre-populated information and form data.

The next step was configuring a PO number to be automatically assigned and linked to an existing project. “Once the project was selected, then it would also populate the Project Manager and Project Coordinator too so they would get an email notification to approve the purchase.” Doing this eliminated the need for office staff to manually create and assign PO numbers while also implementing dual levels of approval. And if there was a new supplier or vendor being used “they can fill out the form information in GoFormz and get them added to our system.” The two-way sync with their DataSource allowed new vendors to be added to their database and sync directly into their Procore account.

“It’s all about time savings for us, instead of reconciling invoices after 30 days we’re doing it in 24 hours.”

– Steve Laforge, VP of Operations

Time is Money

The construction world moves fast, requiring businesses to navigate a variety of challenges and strict codes as well as deadlines. Rescom knew that not only would an automated system make their lives easier but would also provide them with better timing and communication with their clients. “It’s all about time savings for us, instead of reconciling invoices after 30 days we’re doing it in 24 hours.” This workflow ensures Rescom does not approach the end of a billing cycle before realizing they were missing receipts/invoices or that a PO number had been mismatched to a project. And with dual approvals, any budgetary concerns for a project would be visible that very same day. Between addressing concerns faster, getting the right people paid in a timely manner, and getting accurate final invoices to clients, the Rescom team is loving their new workflow with GoFormz.

Next up on the horizon, Rescom is looking for ways to bring GoFormz into more of their HR processes. Tracking things like equipment rentals, vacation time, and streamlining internal information.

The Finishing Touches

Not only was Rescom able to integrate GoFormz into their workflow, but they knew they had support throughout their implementation process. For a team of construction-focused employees, and operational office staff, having a team of web developers available to build an integration just wasn’t in the cards. But Laforge and his team didn’t feel like they were on an island. “One thing that really stood out through the integration process was the GoFormz team. We always heard from someone on the team to either fix the problem or point us in the right direction.” Laforge commented. “That customer service goes a long way.”