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Uses GoFormz and the Quickbooks integration to digitize freight forms, simplify documentation

“My drivers immediately thanked me for switching to GoFormz.”
– Joseph Knapp, Logistics Manager, RMK Trucking

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RMK Trucking needed a digital solution to their inefficient, paper-based documentation. Relying on paper forms to record and deliver freight delivery details, documents were often lost in transport – an expensive mistake. These handwritten forms also required administrators to rekey information into Quickbooks, taking upwards of three hours to complete.


Digitizing their forms with GoFormz, RMK Trucking can now access driver forms and submitted data in real-time. These digital forms are significantly more professional and eliminate opportunities for misplaced forms. Leveraging the GoFormz-Quickbooks integration, completed forms now trigger Quickbooks to assign estimates and invoices to corresponding customers. Once the assigned form has been completed, captured data is used to create Quickbooks line items.


  • More professional, reliable freight documentation
  • Improved back-office efficiencies
  • Accelerated delivery data input
  • Time savings of approximately 4 administrative hours/week
  • Quickbooks integration streamlines data entry and freight documentation


  • Vacation/Sick Leave Request
  • Freight Runs
  • Equipment Request Form
  • Accident Form

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About RMK Trucking:

RMK Trucking has provided exceptional transportation services for nearly 40 years. Offering a variety of services, from car carriers to airfreight, ocean vessels, and more, RMK Trucking prioritizes the routing and urgency of each shipment, whether it be abroad or within the continental US.

The Full Story

RMK Trucking originally relied on paper forms to document their freight deliveries and transportation services. With their drivers on the road and rarely in the office, counting on paper forms to securely deliver critical delivery data resulted in a variety of obstacles for RMK Trucking. “When I came on everything was old school, everything was handwritten,” explained Joe Knapp, a logistics manager at RMK Trucking. “We would collect all of the paperwork from the drivers once a week.” Once paperwork was collected, it was passed to an administrative contractor, who would input data into Quickbooks. “This would usually take a good three to four hours.”

“I realized that this was a very inefficient way of doing things,” Joe recalled. “I quickly began trying to find something where we could upload our template. I went through a handful of different apps, trying to figure out what would suit us best, and finally I found GoFormz.”

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Real-time delivery data

Once their freight delivery forms were digitized with GoFormz, RMK Trucking immediately witnessed results. “GoFormz made things a lot easier, because as the guys were completing runs, we would have signed copies [of forms] sent to us immediately,” Joe explained. RMK Trucking’s digital freight forms were equipped with a variety of powerful digital fields, to expedite data input and ensure critical information was captured during each run. For example, Image fields were added to forms, so that photos of freight before and after a delivery could be easily input – acting as valuable proof of delivery and service quality if a dispute with a customer occurred. RMK Trucking’s mobile freight forms also feature digital Signature fields, to simplify the capture of delivery authorizations. “The drivers really love GoFormz. Now they don’t have to write anything, they don’t even have to type anything for the most part because it’s all drop downs or automatic,” Joe explained. “My drivers immediately thanked me for switching to GoFormz.”

“My drivers immediately thanked me for switching to GoFormz.”

The Quickbooks integration

Instant access to completed freight forms not only allowed Joe and his team to monitor the progress of field teams, but also accelerated data processing. As soon as a mobile form was completed and received from the field, an administrator would add each line item into Quickbooks in real-time.

Leveraging the GoFormz-Quickbooks integration, this process has been further streamlined, allowing RMK Trucking to not only expedite processing, billing, and communication, but also cater to larger clients, who prefer each of their moves are documented within one invoice. Now, when a mobile form is completed, either an estimate or invoice is created for the corresponding customer. This is made possible via GoFormz Data Sources, allowing RMK Trucking’s mobile forms to reference a customer list and communicate the correct customer assignment to Quickbooks. The data in this form (e.g. pick up time, drop off time, location) is then used to create or update a line item in Quickbooks. For larger customers that wish to have multiple hauls grouped within one invoice, they can now easily add the auto-generated estimates to their invoice, with one simple click.

“All of the information we were reentering before is now automatically added as a line item in Quickbooks.”

Due to the immense amount of data gathered within RMK Trucking’s mobile freight forms, administrators originally needed to rekey a large number of run details (e.g. permit details, pilot driver details, move request information), resulting in wasted time. “All of those things someone would have to input line by line,” Joe explained of the initial process. “Now, it’s working beautifully. All of the information we were reentering before is now automatically added as a line item in Quickbooks.”

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Peace of mind

Before mobile forms, RMK Trucking relied completely upon drivers to deliver shipping forms to the proper recipient – risking human error and data loss. “It definitely saved us plenty of times with all the detailed information that was clear in our forms,” Joe explained. “Drivers would do a move and sometimes they would lose their paperwork. If we didn't catch that they lost something, that could mean a six hundred dollar or more loss.”


Joe and his administrative team estimate GoFormz and the Quickbooks integration save his team approximately four hours a week. This time savings is complemented by an array of qualitative benefits, including RMK Trucking’s professionalism. Before GoFormz, forms were completed by hand. Now, with mobile forms, documents can be presented to clients in a more modern, professional manner. “Our clients really like GoFormz.”

Mobile freight forms have also improved RMK Trucking’s business agility, allowing their team to be more nimble and responsive. “There have been so many times when drivers would call and ask for something, and it would take me time to find different information - sometimes it would be two minutes and sometimes it would take me thirty minutes to weed through information.” Now Joe and his team no longer need to hunt through paper forms for specific data – all of the information they need is easily searchable and accessible within GoFormz.

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