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Therapy practice digitally transforms patient records to augment company record keeping

“I needed something that could be done at the time of service right on a tablet or phone. So that’s why I came to GoFormz –– you have mobile capabilities, and you have the security and encryption that we need.”
–Thembi DePass, Founder and CEO

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Wellspring Therapy was struggling to manage their collection of cumbersome paper forms. It was difficult to keep patient documents organized and confidential, a priority for their practice.


Implemented GoFormz to digitize patient records, and streamline the secure collection and storage of patient data – saving time and improving billing.


  • Mobile capabilities allow for constant, secure access to patient records
  • Efficiency features and easy to use forms streamline workflows, saving time
  • Cost savings and improved billing help Wellspring prioritize their bottom line


  • Patient Records
  • Timesheets
  • Daily Documents
  • Goal Tracking

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About Wellspring Therapy

Providing a broad collection of educational services (from tutoring and afterschool programs to speech and occupational therapy) Wellspring Therapy plays a critical role in the community. The admirable Maryland-based organization works to ensure that students within their community can reach their full potential, through customized care and community partnerships. Thembi DePass, the Founder and CEO of Wellspring, explained, “Wellspring Therapy exists to fill the holes in a child’s typical educational experience.”

The Full Story

As a therapy practice, Wellspring is categorized as a medical service, which utilizes Electronic Health Records (EHR) for documentation. The costly and rigid structure of EHR’s did not support the versatile nature of Wellspring’s unique practice, which required a platform that could adapt. “I needed to be able to relay information on a mobile device that was also secure,” Thembi explained. Working as a largely mobile workforce (traveling to patients and community centers) Wellspring staff rarely enjoy the luxury of completing work at a desktop –– meaning mobile access to client records is essential. Balancing mobile capabilities with patient privacy, however, narrowed Wellspring’s platform options.

“I needed to be able to relay information on a mobile device that was also secure.”

Speech language pathologist uses GoFormz mobile forms on their tablet to securely collect patient data.

Work Smarter, Work Faster

After implementing GoFormz, Thembi witnessed a drastic change in her operation’s efficiency. “You can just click and literally within five minutes I complete the documentation for every patient I see.” Before GoFormz, the Wellspring staff manually recorded data sets into each patient document –– consuming valuable time. Using GoFormz, tedious manual work and data repetition is no longer necessary, streamlining the Wellspring process.

“Before [data] almost had to be recreated, it was the same data on the form but it had to be typed in every single time.”

Improve Record Keeping & The Bottom Line

Relying on paper documents and rigid platforms had also been impacting Thembi’s bottom line. “We have lost dollars because our documentation wasn’t in line or it was too cumbersome.” Relying largely on patient noting and records to complete billing, Wellspring Therapy required a solution that could seamlessly balance efficiency with accuracy and detail. “Because GoFormz allows us to ‘note’ right there at the point of service, I am not losing any money.” With time savings, improved billing and a budget-friendly digital solution, Thembi estimates she saves “hundreds of dollars” with GoFormz.

“Not only am I paying less per month for your awesome service, but I’m able to be reimbursed appropriately, where that fell through the cracks often in the past.”

Wellspring Therapy is an empowering and uplifting example of GoFormz implementation success. Via pre-made templates, efficiency features (like checkboxes), mobile accessibility and data security, Thembi and her team can focus on patients, not paperwork. Wellspring is hoping to expand their GoFormz usage through integrations their other business applications within their workflows.

“There are so many things that are difficult in running a business… the fact that I have found your awesome program… I’m thrilled.”

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