How to create forms for iPhone using GoFormz

It’s easy to create forms for iPhone with GoFormz

Simply upload your existing paper form (.jpg or pdf) to GoFormz, and then make it interactive with sketches, maps, photos and other fields. You can even create forms for iPhones that automatically email copies, instantly save to Cloud storage solutions (like Box), and rapidly calculate totals.

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Create mobile forms for your iPad free with GoFormz

3 easy steps to create forms for iPad using GoFormz

Download the GoFormz app from the App Store . Then, login to GoFormz from your computer to create forms for iPhone and other devices.

  • Upload a jpg or pdf of your form (or use one of our starter forms)
  • Drag and drop fields like text, date, photos, maps, GPS, dropdown menus and signature boxes onto your form
  • Resize and position your fields anywhere on the form
  • Customize your field’s properties to make fields required, embed calculations and more

You can then fill out your forms on your iPhone (or other devices) using the GoFormz app, as many times as you wish –– anywhere, anytime.

Use the GoFormz platform to store and review your form data online.

Start creating forms for your iPhone today

Visit our blog to learn more step-by-step details on how to create forms for iPhone using an existing pdf.

Watch this short video on using the GoFormz app to fill out forms on iPhones.

Available for iOS 9.3.5 (and later).

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