Run Energy Creates Mobile Workforce Experience with GoFormz; Gains Instantaneous Access to Field Data

  • Job site transparency and repair efficiencies enhanced
  • On-site documentation maximized with GoFormz’ sync-later capabilities

GoFormz is a critical partner in our process. Being able to document everything that is happening out in the field—and sync it up when back in the office—makes our operation more efficient.”

—Anders Pedersen

Customer Snapshot

Run Energy logo

Industry: Wind Energy

Customer since: 2014

Forms: Timesheets, maintenance checklists, service reports, tool inventory forms, equipment inspection forms, incident forms

Why GoFormz

  • Needed efficient data capture for hundreds of field technicians spanning thousands of turbines.
  • Wanted improved data capture with enhanced scalability.
  • Needed to retire time-consuming paper retrieval, scanning, emailing process.
  • Wanted to capture all on-site inspections and maintenance activities in real-time.

Benefits of GoFormz mobile equipment inspection forms

  • Improved time savings for field technicians and in-office personnel.
  • Reduced the amount time required to research queries and locate job site data.
  • Revealed new opportunities for service efficiencies and job site productivity.
  • Improved speed of inspections and maintenance with quality assurance implementations.

Case Study

Tracking the maintenance performed on thousands of wind turbines is a daunting task, until now. As Anders Pedersen (Run Energy’s VP of Operations) explains, with the assistance of GoFormz, data that was once trapped in paper copies is now instantly accessible to management worldwide.

Headquartered in Abilene, Texas, Run Energy is a leading wind energy O&M service partner that provides operations, maintenance, installation and technical services for wind turbines.

“There’s a great deal of documentation involved,” explains Pedersen. “Run Energy has around 180 technicians spread all over the U.S. On any given day, we are tracking and monitoring all of the work performed as well as all safety and quality related documentation.”

The daily demand for data created a struggle for Pedersen’s team, who were spending much of their time compiling, organizing, filing and managing the volumes of data that was being collected. The relentless demand created a struggle for the team, both in data management and data storage. Looking to streamline their processes and improve efficiencies, Pedersen reached to GoFormz.

With multiple turbines, multiple customers and varying regulations, the data capture requirements were significant. Additionally, scanned forms could wreak havoc, with missing pages a chronic issue.

“Safety documentation is hard to get out of the field,” Pedersen explains. “With GoFormz, policies and procedures can be quickly distributed, signed off and sent back to us in minutes.”

Today, Pedersen supplies tablets to all of his technicians. “We have converted time sheets, truck inspections, maintenance checklists, PPE inspection forms and many others with GoFormz.”

With maintenance and installation forms that can encompass anywhere from 1 to 18 pages, Pedersen saw immediate efficiencies. Pedersen and his Run Energy team have greater and more immediate visibility into service that has been completed. The team can check that the forms were completed, where they were completed and confirm the integrity of the work that was performed. Being able to instantly access these critical details saves Pedersen and his team hundreds of hours along with eliminating reams of paper, expensive and bulky data storage, clerical support and more. Further, customers are able to access the data much more quickly than they were previously able to.

“All of this data is no longer in binders that people have to search and scan,” adds Pedersen. “Instead, it pulls directly into our own database and is immediately accessible to anyone in the company or customers with access to the internet.”

Another benefit is the ability to work offline and sync when you have access to Wi-Fi. “We do everything in the field offline,” Pedersen adds. “We don’t have to worry about data plans, which can be very expensive, or internet connectivity at all. Everything captured in the field syncs later.”

Today, Pedersen has created more than 50 templates and is continually finding new ways to use GoFormz to optimize efficiencies.

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