Avanti Increases Cash Flow Via Real-Time Billing with GoFormz Mobile Forms

“With GoFormz, we’ve not only eliminated the coffee-stained paperwork for quality control, but also achieved real-time billing. As a result we improved our cash flow.”
– Andy Van Slett, Global Director of Service, Avanti

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Why GoFormz?

  • Needed to eliminate inefficiencies of paperwork for quality control documentation on wind turbine equipment
  • Wanted to decrease their billing cycle
  • Required a solution that supported statistical analysis of product quality data
  • Required a solution with mobile surveys for gathering and analyzing feedback from customers


  • Improved cash flow by replacing monthly billing cycle with a real-time billing system
  • Improved insight on equipment quality with better data and reporting capabilities
  • Increased efficiency by eliminating paperwork, and the need to scan, file, print and mail CDs to customers
  • Implemented job costing with more efficient mobile forms for time sheet


  • Wind tower elevator certification
  • Inspection check-lists
  • Quality control documentation
  • Timesheets
  • Expense reports

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About Avanti

From service lifts and ladder systems to climb assistance and other personal safety equipment, Avanti Wind Systems has developed a complete product range for safe and quick ascent and descent in wind turbine towers. As the leading world market producer of safety systems for wind turbines, Avanti Wind Systems is a first-class safety equipment supplier.

Crumpled paperwork compromises and cash flow

In order to maintain quality and safety of equipment at customer sites, Avanti performs regular maintenance checks. Before GoFormz, these service checks were performed on laptops. Inspection check-lists were printed on site, where, inevitably, the paperwork crumpled and became dirty. Then it had to be scanned, sorted, and filed back at an office. Version control became an issue, and there was no easy way to evaluate the data collected about the equipment. The entire process could take up to 2 months, when the customer was finally billed for the service work and mailed a CD of the paperwork.

Avanti eliminates printers and cuts billing cycle to 24 hours with GoFormz

Avanti turned to GoFormz to eliminate paperwork for quality control. Now service checks are performed with mobile forms instead of laptops and paperwork. Instead of printing evaluations at customer sites, Avanti has eliminated printers all together. With GoFormz, equipment is checked, data is collected on a mobile device, and the customer is billed the same day. As a result, the billing cycle went from monthly to 24 hours. Instead of a CD of scanned paperwork, the customer receives a clean, professional PDF generated from the evaluation form.

“With GoFormz, we’ve achieved real-time billing,” comments Andy Van Slett, Global Director of Service. “As a result, we’ve significantly improved our cash flow and increased our billing effectiveness.”

Many wind turbine equipment evaluations are regulated by the government, and GoFormz allows Avanti to use forms that comply with these standards.

“As a result [of using GoFormz], we’ve significantly improved our cash flow and increased our billing effectiveness.”

GoFormz reporting and survey features key for Avanti equipment analysis

With GoFormz’ reporting capabilities, Avanti can perform statistical analysis on data collected during evaluations and service checks. As a result, they can gain insights into equipment performance. This was nearly impossible with paperwork scanned from service checks before GoFormz.

“GoFormz gives us the ability to aggregate and analyze data we collect from inspections and evaluations,” comments Andy. “The insight we’ve gleaned is invaluable to our business. I just wish I had this kind of process in place when I was implementing Six Sigma earlier in my career.”

GoFormz improves internal efficiencies and enables job costing

With factories and offices in 10 countries around the world, Avanti manages thousands of employee time sheets and expense reports. Before GoFormz, employees would mail expense reports to a corporate office for reimbursement. With GoFormz, they simply include a photo of their receipts and send it to HR from their mobile device. Now they’re paid in real-time.

With GoFormz, Avanti employees now submit time sheets electronically. GoFormz makes it easy to run labor cost statistics from these time sheets. As a result, Avanti can use job costing and generate quotes for customers in a systematic way.

With GoFormz, Avanti has easily eliminated paperwork and increased its professionalism, improved internal efficiency, and improved its cash flow.

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