Request for Time Off Digital Form Template

Generate, fill out, and submit requests for time off directly from your mobile device or computer

Easily collect and complete time off requests with digital forms and data capture

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A digital request for time off form being filled out on a laptop

Submit time off requests from anywhere

No matter where an employee is located, digital request for time off forms can be instantly generated, rapidly filled out, and submitted from anywhere.

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A digital request for time off in list view being filled out in the GoFormz iOS app on an iPhone X

Route and review time off requests in real-time

Rather than wait on forms to be hand-delivered, scanned, or faxed, your digital request for time off forms can be automatically routed to supervisors or HR for review and processing.

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Ensure time off request forms are completed accurately

Your digital request for time off forms can be easily equipped with logic to instantly calculate hours requested, make fields required, and more.

A digital request for time off being filled out on an iPhone with a warning showing some fields are required.

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The digital Request for Time Off form is available for free in every GoFormz account.

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A graphical depiction of an electronic signature field

Use electronic Signature fields to collect time off authorizations

Equip your digital forms with electronic Signature fields to easily capture employee, supervisor, and human resources authorizations.

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Instantly upload completed time off requests to connected applications

Connect GoFormz to your favorite business applications to instantly route submitted request for time off forms to corresponding Cloud storage folders, update databases, and more.

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A graphical depiction of the various systems GoFormz can integrate with. Includes Procore, Smartsheet, Box, Google Suite, Salesforce, and PlanGrid.

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