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Efficiently collect and process orders with online order forms and real-time data.

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Completing your home inspection checklist is faster with digital forms

Easily collect orders for your business with online order forms

Customize your order forms with instant calculations, checkboxes, auto-fill fields, and more

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Modernize your customer experience

Ditch messy paper forms and present your clients with highly professional online order forms. You can customize your free online order form Template in the GoFormz Template Editor.

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Accelerate and streamline order form processing

Say goodbye to snail mail, faxing, and scanning. Share your online order forms directly with customers or post them on your website. Once submitted, order forms can be instantly accessed and processed, minimizing delays.

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Instantly route online order forms to your contacts and business systems

Automate common processes, like form sharing and recordkeeping. Use Workflows to automatically email completed order forms to customers, upload to Cloud storage applications, and more.

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Instantly populate forms with order information

Leverage logic to instantly fill form fields with information, based on a customer’s selection. Instantly calculate prices, taxes, and discounts, and add information like SKUs.

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Free template: the digital invoice

Share highly accurate project expenses and automate calculations.

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Ditch the paperwork and keep your focus on your retail business.

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Gather, track, and analyze better data

Effortlessly improve insight into your business orders with real-time access to submitted forms and captured data.

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See how Doré Designs digitized their order forms

“Our customers are impressed by GoFormz because it looks very sleek and cool when a sales rep pulls out a tablet and does everything right then and there. It definitely looks more polished and modern to our customers. They’re buying a very specific high-end product, so they want that experience from start to finish.”

– Lisa Dunn, Office Manager, Doré Designs

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