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Manage properties, not paperwork

Real estate management is a multifaceted responsibility—juggling administrative, operational, promotional, and financial duties. Implement a digital form solution that can multitask as well as you.

GoFormz empowers property managers to act quickly. Instantly procure contractual documents and new tenant applications, track revenue and monitor performance, all from the GoFormz platform. With signature fields and conditional logic, ensure that legal processes are enforced and crucial contract fields are completed.

Real Estate life with GoFormz

Expedite tenant processing

Why wait for manual-handoffs? Place tenants faster with streamlined data processing, instantly available contracts and auto-routing, allowing clients and agents to work faster.

Optimized organization

Managing multiple properties is no small feat—simplify your process with a variety of GoFormz organizational tools (like tags and folders).

Grow your portfolio while cutting costs

GoFormz acts as an affordable, scalable solution to paperwork—empowering your portfolio to rapidly grow, without risking data loss or racking up insurmountable expenses.

Analyze trends to pinpoint opportunity

Leverage real-time reporting to review market trends and identify opportunity. Empower your agents to make agile business decisions based on data-backed analysis.

Real Estate + GoFormz Success Stories

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