GoFormz, Inc. Granted US Patent for Document Digitization Technology

New patent granted for innovative, industry-leading mobile and digital forms product offerings


SAN FRANCISCO, CA, May 10, 2017 — GoFormz Inc., the leading mobile forms platform, today announced it has received new intellectual property protection with regard to technology that converts paper forms into digital versions. Thousands of businesses around the world use the GoFormz platform to transform their existing paper forms into digital versions, that they then fill out on a mobile device, like a tablet or phone, or on a desktop computer. A key portion of this platform is represented in the new patent.

Offering customers the ability to easily and quickly digitize their paper forms and fill them out on modern devices is one of GoFormz’s biggest differentiators.
This modernizes businesses in a way that requires little to no training, and minimizes disruption to day-to-day workflow. This new patent shows that GoFormz was and is ahead of the curve when it comes to mobile form technology.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) awarded GoFormz the new patent, US 9,535,882, on January 3, 2017. Using GoFormz, customers can upload their current forms and convert them into interactive, digital versions, for use on mobile devices. GoFormz users can make these mobile forms ‘smart’ by adding new types of digital information like images, GPS and maps, and auto-calculations. Once completed, these forms and documents are stored securely in the cloud and are easily accessed through the GoFormz app or on the web.

Arming their workforces with digital forms that look exactly like their existing paper forms means that businesses can easily modernize their operations and workflows with little overhead. Because the forms and data are electronic, the information they contain can easily be synced to other business applications and systems. Reports and analysis can be performed in real-time, empowering companies to make truly agile business decisions. This new patent grant expands GoFormz’ intellectual property portfolio and furthers their ability to offer the leading mobile forms solution to the marketplace.

About GoFormz, Inc.

GoFormz is the leading digital forms solution for businesses of any size and industry to digitize their forms and related processes, resulting in significant savings and more productive operations. GoFormz’s Cloud-based platform allows users to create, customize, and manage digital forms. These forms can capture information, automate workflows, and improve business workstreams. Users can create electronic versions of their existing paper forms and documents making it easier to gather and analyze data digitally. GoFormz is backed by leading venture capital firms, including Cloud Apps Capital Partners, Glynn Capital, and Shasta Ventures.

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