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All the benefits of digital, with the familiarity of your existing forms and documents – fill out your forms on phones and tablets using our free digital forms app.

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GoFormz mobile forms application in use on various different devices.
An animated image showing how easy it is to turn an existing form into a digital form using GoFormz.

Digitize your forms

Easily create digital versions of your existing forms for use on phones, tablets, and computers – no code or IT required!

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Collect new types of data

Input images, sketches, GPS, maps, barcode data, and more, into your digital forms.

GoFormz mobile app screenshot shown on phone with sketches, gps, and signature fields added.
GoFormz workflow triggers a mobile form saved to Box and emailed to a customer Simplify form sharing and storage

Add logic and instant calculations

Equip your digital forms with business logic to instantly perform calculations, auto-populate fields with data, make form fields required, and more.

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Work from anywhere (even offline)

GoFormz digital forms are fully functional offline, allowing teams to capture data from remote locations and upload information to the Cloud once a signal has been regained.

Image showing the different field types that can be included in a GoFormz digital form. From GPS data to digital signatures and image uploads.

Connect your digital forms to your other business applications

Instantly upload completed forms and collected data to your favorite applications.

A grid of business logos showcasing what applications can be integrated with the GoFormz mobile forms platform

Fill out digital forms on your mobile device

Use our mobile forms app to access GoFormz on your tablet or smartphone.

Download GoFormz app for mobile forms and documents and offline data capture on iPad and iPhone
Download GoFormz app for mobile forms and documents and offline data capture on Android
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Discover how digital forms can improve your operation:

Case Study

Reduce time spent completing paperwork

NQCranes utilizes digital forms and automated workflows to streamline the flow of data from the field to the office, resulting in 50% less time spent on paperwork.

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Case Study

Scan barcodes and capture new types of data

DESHAZO, a crane manufacturing and servicing operation, uses digital forms to scan barcodes and instantly populate equipment details, and capture job site images.

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Case Study

Run a leaner operation and save budget

Petrol Services Australia saves $350K annually with improved workflow efficiencies, expedited data entry, and automated digital form routing.

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