Create, Share, and Collect Online Forms from Others

GoFormz makes it easy to share and collect forms from people outside of your account. Follow along with this beginner’s guide to get started sharing and collecting online forms from others.

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How to create and share a digital form with others

1. Create a Template for your form

To get started you’ll need a form Template. You can create a Template in the Template Editor, GoFormz’s online form builder.

2. Configure your shareable form

Select Public Forms from the menu bar and click ‘Create’. Next, choose whether your form will be multi-use or single-use. Select the Template or form you wish to share, and configure what fields can be edited and additional features, like expiration dates.

3. Generate and share a link to your form

Select Save Public Form to generate your shareable form link. You can copy and share this link, as well as send it to others via email or text.

Each account starts with 5 free Public Forms credits. Additional credits are available for purchase.

Instantly review and process submitted forms

When a shared form has been completed, it will instantly be available for review in the Forms tab. You can even configure simple Workflows to instantly upload completed forms to Cloud storage or email completed forms to supervisors, and more.

invoice signature image, a map field, and an electronic signature.
Custom reports with your most relevant form data.

Share forms pre-filled with information

You can share forms pre-filled with information to accelerate the form completion process. This is especially handy when sharing and collecting documents like contracts, where only a signature or a small amount of information is needed.

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Online Form Sharing FAQs

How do I collect forms from people outside of my account?
Use our online form-sharing feature, Public Forms, to share and collect forms with people outside of your GoFormz account (e.g. clients and patients). In the GoFormz web application, you can create a Public Form using an existing Form or Template. Creating your Public Form generates a Public Form link, which can be shared with recipients or posted to a website, to be filled out and submitted from any location. To learn more about setting up your Public Form, visit our support site.
What happens when a shared form is completed?
You can view and manage Public Form submissions in the Forms tab of the GoFormz web app.
How do I pay for Public Form submissions?
Public Forms are charged to your GoFormz account on a per-credit basis. Your account is charged one credit each time somebody submits a Public Form. If your GoFormz account subscription level is either Team or Advanced, then you can buy additional credits on the GoFormz web app. Please note: Public Forms are not available to Basic accounts.
Can I share Public Forms pre-filled with information?
Yes! You can share a form pre-filled with information and have your recipient complete the remaining fields. This is especially useful when collecting eSignatures. To learn more about sharing and configuring Public Forms, visit our support site.