eBook: 7 Reasons Why Smart Mobile Forms Are Better Than Fillable PDFs


Businesses often turn to fillable PDFs when going paperless. While this may offer a slight improvement over outdated word processors and manual work streams, PDFs remain a static and isolated repository of information, leaving your team saddled with many of the time-wasting tasks they had while relying on paper.

Meanwhile, smart mobile forms are surpassing the limitations of traditional fillable PDFs. These forms combine convenience and functionality, maintaining the look of original paper documents while delivering an interactive user experience complemented by powerful digital tools and features.

Read this eBook, to explore the considerable differences between fillable PDFs and smart mobile forms, and learn how leveraging the right digital forms solution can transform your business from end-to-end.

What’s covered in this eBook:

  • The difference between fillable PDFs and smart mobile forms
  • Seven reasons why smart mobile forms are better than fillable PDFs
  • Why GoFormz is your best mobile form software option
  • Additional resources to kickstart your digital transformation

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