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The GoFormz mobile forms platform can help your team fill out, process, and share forms faster while improving data accuracy and automating frequently completed tasks – resulting in incredible time and budget savings.

Discover how much your operation could save with GoFormz:

Employees filling out forms:

1. What is the average hourly wage of employees filling out forms?
2. How many employees are filling out forms?
3. What is the average number of forms filled out per person per day? 4. What is their average percentage of time spent manually managing forms (fixing errors, delivering forms, etc)?

Employees managing forms:

1. What is the average hourly wage of employees managing forms? 2. How many employees are managing forms? 3. What is their average percentage of time spent processing forms (i.e. fixing errors, creating manual reports, entering data, etc)?
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Paper savings:


Efficency savings:


Total savings:

How do you save?

GoFormz transforms your business in ways that directly impact your bottom line:

  • Capture data accurately and instantly with auto-calculations and conditional logic.
  • Process orders faster - forms are automatically ‘handed-in.’
  • Record better information with new data types like GPS, maps and photos.
  • Create, store and review digital records. No more lost or damaged paperwork.
  • Make agile business decisions with real time data.
  • Centralize your record keeping with Cloud storage.
  • Enhance collaboration and teamwork with automated workflows.
  • Improve data consistency with integrations to your other business systems.

Then, fill your form out using the GoFormz mobile app as many times as you wish from anywhere at anytime.

Use the GoFormz platform to store and review your form data online.

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“GoFormz takes so much work off of our administrators, and eliminating the paper forms saves us thousands of dollars. GoFormz easily saves me 50-75 hours per month that would otherwise be spent just on office personnel tasks.”

Dale Henderson, ManagerSiteMix

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