Improving Job Site Safety Management with GoFormz & Procore

September 8, 2022 | 11 AM PT


Safety touches every aspect of the construction industry. Regardless of an operation’s size, expertise, location, or budget, safety must remain every team's top priority, from the job site to the back office. Traditional documentation and reporting efforts can slow response times and hamper preventative measures, putting your team behind the curve in construction safety.

Join GoFormz and Procore in this one-hour webinar to see how new digital solutions can empower your job site safety teams. With a focus on pre-task plans and hot work permits , learn to automate processes that can support faster safety response times and better insight into your job site’s most significant risks.

What we’ll cover...

  • Common safety management challenges
  • The GoFormz and Procore integration
  • Digitizing pre-task plans to streamline your job sites
  • Automating hot work permits with digital forms
  • How digital data can support your safety strategies

Your webinar hosts

Annie Benavides, Director of Business Development, GoFormz

Mike Wood, Senior Solutions Engineer, Procore

Kyle Dozier, Account Executive, GoFormz

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