Eliminate paper forms once and for all

Use GoFormz and Box to go paperless both in the office and out in the field.

Capture information electronically with mobile forms that look just like your current paper forms. Copies of each form are stored automatically in Box for easy archiving, collaboration and sharing.

  • Eliminate paper forms
  • Get access to your detailed data online (not just PDFs)
  • Run reports to analyze your operations

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1: Scan and upload your current forms

Send us either your current paper form or a mock up of the dream form you've always wanted. GoFormz will automatically mobilize your form and size it for use on mobile phones and tablets.

2: Define your data rules

Tired of sloppy mistakes and incomplete information? With GoFormz you can create drop down lists, calculated fields and data validation rules to ensure each form is filled out correctly and completely the first time.

3: Capture data electronically

Send your employees out with mobile forms that they already know how to fill in (because they're exactly the same as the paper forms they're used to). All data is available online so you'll never again have to manually re-key information into spreadsheets.

4: Archive forms in Box

Copies of your completed form can be automatically stored in your Box account for easy archiving, sharing and collaboration.

5: Run reports on your data

Unlock insight into your operations, productivity and business impact with real-time access to every piece of data captured with your mobile forms. With GoFormz your data is available to view form-by-form or with easy-to-use reports.

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With GoFormz, we’ve standardized the data collection process so dealers are getting inspections done faster, and they’re able to book more business.”

— Tisha Henley, Manager of Development & Disaster Restoration, Furniture Medic