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Digitizes and completes their manufacturer and repair forms, increasing operational visibility

“The simplicity of creating and changing the form templates...as soon as we saw that, I knew that GoFormz was going to be the right solution.”
– Clayton Etchison, CEO, Jaguar Coffee

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Jaguar Coffee needed a digital data capture platform to record information faster, and to provide the flexibility needed to frequently update their collection of equipment manufacturing forms.


Jaguar Coffee implemented GoFormz, allowing their team to update and customize their mobile form templates as often as they need. Leveraging mobile forms has also helped Jaguar Coffee increase transparency, accountability and efficiency, through seamless automations and real-time access to completed forms.


  • More complete, accurate, timely data, leading to greater efficiency
  • Instant access to forms, saving many hours weekly for the office team
  • Increased job site transparency via real-time form and data access
  • Accelerated manufacturer form template updates improve flexibility and provide cost savings


  • Work Orders
  • Service Tickets
  • Manufacturing forms
  • Inspection forms

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About Jaguar Coffee

Jaguar Coffee is a coffee equipment service and repair company based in Florida. Jaguar services some of the “largest chain coffee shops, restaurants, hotels and food-beverage companies in the world”, providing expert, specialized maintenance for espresso machines, coffee brewers and coffee grinders.

The Full Story

Jaguar Coffee provides specialized coffee equipment maintenance to some of the largest companies in the world, which requires field teams to complete large amounts of paperwork while tending to client needs. But paper forms are a slow and error prone way to collect data in the field, leading to frequent service obstacles and frustrations. So Clayton Etchison, the CEO of Jaguar Coffee, sought a digital solution to traditional paperwork that could help his team work more efficiently and accurately. “It was a painstaking process to find a solution,” Clayton recounted. After a frustrating experience trying to implement one mobile forms solution, Clayton tested five additional ‘solutions’, finding each to be too expensive or too complex. “The problem I was running into was that each option was trying to encompass your entire business – they wanted big money upfront, and big money to change our forms.”

Clayton and his team needed a mobile forms solution that would allow for frequent changes to the forms to be made easily, because many of the manufacturers used by Jaguar Coffee often modified their form parameters. “A machine might need forty grams of coffee, and a manufacturer says they are going to change their parameters to forty four grams of coffee and we have to update all of our forms.” These frequent customizations would be impossible (or very costly!) when using a complex platform or a solution that charges exorbitant amounts to simply modify or digitize a form. “I tried probably five or six solutions, and then when I found GoFormz it was a no brainer.”

The Jaguar Coffee team found digitizing their forms collection to be easy.

“The simplicity of creating and changing the form templates...as soon as we saw that, I knew that GoFormz was going to be the right solution.”

Jaguar Coffee technician repairs equipment using GoFormz mobile forms

Form flexibility

With GoFormz, Jaguar personnel can quickly and easily modify their form templates to meet manufacturer needs – rather than struggling with cumbersome, rigid paper forms. “Manufacturers can change their forms at any given time based on the parameters of their equipment, new machines, or preventative maintenance. GoFormz makes it easy for us to update those forms.”

Effortless automation and customization

Among the most frequently used mobile forms is Jaguar’s General Repair form, which is used when working with direct customers (no third-party companies or manufacturers involved). This mobile form incorporates a variety of digital fields, including spaces for a description of services and parts used, digital Signature capture for approvals, and Image fields. Once the form is completed, an Automatic Workflow instantly emails a copy of the completed form to Jaguar’s headquarters, providing real-time visibility into the field team’s activities.

“I brag about GoFormz to other business owners, especially service companies.”


The Jaguar Coffee team now relies upon GoFormz for the data capture flexibility and accountability they need. With real-time data and completed form access, Jaguar Coffee management can better monitor their team’s progress. “The biggest benefit would be the platform visibility,” Clayton explained. “Now I can log in and see exactly what they filled out, if they filled out their ticket, or even if they had a connectivity issue, and we can always pull the forms directly off of GoFormz.” With increased visibility into mobile team activity, Clayton can better ensure that forms are being completed accurately, thoroughly, and in a timely fashion. With the ability to instantly access service forms completed by the field team and process these forms, Clayton estimates that Jaguar back-office personnel save at least several hours a week. “Before, we were at the mercy of the technician… now we don’t have to be tracking people down for their forms.”

What’s next?

With Jaguar’s forms digitized, Clayton now plans to work on a form dispatch integration — deploying an automated workflow that would allow GoFormz forms to be dispatched from other business applications.

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