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McDonalds franchisee improves service reviews and accuracy across locations with digital forms

“We have so many forms at McDonalds, we’re always making copies, faxing, and emailing –– I was trying to find a solution that does exactly what you do. It’s exactly what I was looking for.”
– John New, Director of Operations, Muller Management

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Needed a digital solution to reduce the amount of time spent on their lengthy review-process documentation, without risking the accuracy of collected data.


Replaced paper forms and excel spreadsheets with GoFormz mobile forms to simplify the review process, expediting form completion while maintaining a high level of data accuracy.


  • Eliminated the need to rekey manually collected data
  • Reduced opportunities for human error (by replacing error-prone excel spreadsheets)
  • Improved form delivery using auto-email
  • Increased data accuracy, and collection efficiency via auto-calculations
  • Saved users significant time with streamlined features (like Drop Downs) for frequently used data selections


  • Service Reviews
  • Cash Audits
  • Performance Reviews
  • Health Inspections
  • Customer Experience Forms

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About Muller Management

Muller Management is an independent McDonalds franchisee that oversees 21 McDonalds locations in the Atlanta Metro Area. Since their inception in 1972, Muller Management has placed an emphasis on creating a fun and rewarding work environment for their employees – giving them the tools to succeed, learn and grow.

The Full Story

Once a month, Area Supervisors at Muller Management are tasked with completing a Service Quality form, reviewing the cleanliness and service of their respective locations. “We start on the curbs outside, and end up on the roofs,” explained Muller Management’s Director of Operations, John New. “There’s nothing we don’t look at.” This extremely detailed, thirteen-page spreadsheet was consuming large amounts of time for each supervisor. “We were [completing] them on excel, using an iPad, but the formulas would get messed up,“ John explained.

“We tried using a paper copy and then transposing data from the paper copy to the excel spreadsheet, and it was very time consuming.”

Several of Muller’s other regular processes reflected similar pain points, signaling a definitive need for change within the franchise’s method of documentation. Previous attempts to simplify Muller Management’s data collection had proved unsustainable, leading John to seek out a more streamlined, intuitive digital solution. After experimenting with a variety of platforms and apps, John came across GoFormz, and quickly determined he had found a perfect match for his team’s needs.

I’m Lovin’ It

Responsible for six Area Supervisors and 21 McDonalds franchise locations, constant and effective communication is an understandable priority for John and his team. With weekly team meetings, frequent location visits, and an endless need for faxing, filing and emailing, John’s adoption of GoFormz helped alleviate the pressures of a variety of demanding areas. After creating his first mobile form, John presented his new form to his team of supervisors, who enthusiastically agreed that using GoFormz to manage their locations would be a welcome advantage.

One of the documents converted by John was a form originally created by McDonalds personnel, who were thrilled by the ease and efficiency of the newly digitized form. This digital transformation showcases one of the clear advantages of leveraging the GoFormz platform –– the ability to upload your original forms and maintain their exact look and feel, while adding powerful, digital functionality.

Fast Food, Faster Forms

John’s team of supervisors now frequently use GoFormz to improve the management and service consistency of their locations. With automated workflows, supervisors can complete a form on their iPad (from any franchise location) and it will automatically be emailed to John for review upon completion. This instant routing helps John not only maintain more effective record-keeping, but also keep track of forms and review completion across the entirety of the operation.

Muller’s mobile forms are also aided by other popular GoFormz features. For example, when entering a location into the “Store” field, supervisors can select a franchise address from a Drop Down menu –– ensuring rapid data entry and total accuracy. Also, logic applied to Checkbox fields (calculating a total score dependent on what Checkbox is selected), along with the ease of Date, Time and Text (for additional comments and notes) fields, Jim’s mobile forms keep each franchise timely, without sacrificing data quality.

One Platform, Countless Solutions

John’s team has now digitized a half dozen forms to address a variety of their franchise’s needs. The digital Performance Review form, for example, helps gauge the progress of each team member –– assessing their strengths and opportunities for growth.

Meanwhile, the Health Inspection Form acts as a review for each location’s cleanliness and adherence to Health Department regulations. Although Health Inspections only occur once a year, John explained, the Muller Management franchises can now conduct monthly Health Inspections of their own thanks to the help from GoFormz –– ensuring each location is ready, and compliant.

On the Horizon

John and the Muller Management team look forward to further exploring the storage capabilities of the GoFormz platform, as well as expanding their form collection to cater to new, developing franchise facilities. Although this may be further down the road, as of today John and his team at Muller Management are very happy with how GoFormz has transformed their business workflows.

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