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Automates workflows by connecting mobile forms to other business applications

“I have the highest revenue per employee in the industry because GoFormz has enabled me to automate practically everything”
– Bill Brown, President, Paramount Heating & Air

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All of Paramount’s forms were internet based, which meant that when field technicians were on job sites with spotty internet reception, they would frequently lose all of the form information collected as soon as their devices went offline.


GoFormz Mobile Forms works online and offline. When there is no internet connection, the offline feature automatically saves all data collected while in the field. When an internet signal is back online, the data is instantly synced to the cloud-based platform.


  • Increased revenue per employee
  • Can use forms on jobsites when his devices are offline
  • Faster form processing and streamlined workflow
  • Increased efficiencies of his operations
  • Seamlessly connects mobile forms with other critical applications (Drop Box, Base Camp, Gmail)

Paramount Heating & Air now has some of the highest closing rates in their industry thanks to GoFormz. They also now generate highly professional-looking proposals while at jobsites and can immediately send copies to customers when a form is completed. Their mobile forms automatically calculate totals, always providing accurate results. They have highly efficient automated workflows as a result of connecting GoFormz with their other key business systems including Gmail, Dropbox and Basecamp.


  • Job Proposals
  • Inspection Forms
  • Utility Rebate Forms

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About Paramount Heating & Air

Paramount Heating & Air is an Award-winning HVAC contractor serving Columbus, OH and surrounding areas. They repair all brands of gas and electronic furnaces, air conditioners, and heat pumps.

The Full Story

Bill Brown, President at Paramount Heating & Air, was using a web-based forms solution that required internet connectivity to work. It served basic needs but did not provide an automatic calculations tool within the forms. A calculations feature was very important to Bill as they were primarily using mobile forms for job proposals which regularly required tallying totals. Automating the calculations would save time and be more accurate than manually doing the math. Their solution also did not work well while on jobsites where there wasn’t a strong internet connection. As soon as a device went offline, it would lose all of the collected data. Searching for a better solution, Bill found GoFormz in the App Store.

GoFormz has powerful automatic calculation features and works offline – two features that were important for Bill’s needs. Once implementing the GoFormz Platform, Bill quickly realized how much more efficient his business was running. He started doing more research on the capabilities of the product beyond just filling out forms on his mobile devices and soon discovered he could easily integrate his GoFormz account with Dropbox, Base Camp and Gmail through the GoFormz integration with Zapier.

“Everything I need to do is done from GoFormz through Zapier, making my life simple”

At a job site, Bill and his team can generate a Job Proposal and immediately send it to the customer. Once the customer accepts the proposal and presses [Complete], the forms are automatically uploaded to Dropbox where it is immediately available for his Install Team to review. (His Install Team uses Dropbox to view details of specific jobs when they are onsite performing an installation.) At the same time, specific data from the mobile form is synced to Base Camp which creates a to-do list for the back office. This to-do list has all the necessary information and action items for them to start preparing for a job.

Bill uses the Gmail connector to email himself specific parts that need to be ordered for the jobs. He pulls this product information from the form data. He no longer has to manually sift through all of the job proposals to manually pull out this information.

Bill’s whole operation is done through the GoFormz platform. He uses GoFormz and its integration with Zapier to streamline his workflow processes.

“I have the highest revenue per employee in the industry because GoFormz has enabled me to automate practically everything”

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