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Improves communication and gains a competitive edge with digital forms

“Even though some of our users aren’t tech savvy, we’ve been able to dramatically improve the quality of data and communication between the field and the Project Managers with the use of GoFormz. As a result, we’ve reduced project delays because we can address any issues as soon as they arise.”
– Ryan Hann, Vice President, Residential Construction, Dave Jones, Inc.

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Why GoFormz?

  • Needed to expose issues in real-time for every phase of a construction project
  • Needed an easy-to-use solution for field employees who weren’t tech savvy
  • Needed a flexible solution, where forms could be easily changed for each project

Benefit of GoFormz mobile quality assurance forms

  • Gained a competitive advantage with prospective customers who previewed the quality assurance program using GoFormz
  • Increased customer satisfaction by providing more accurate documentation
  • Completed projects more efficiently by addressing issues in real-time


  • Inspections forms
  • Customer authorizations forms
  • Invoices

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About Dave Jones, Inc.

Dave Jones, Inc. is a full-service mechanical contractor, providing plumbing, heating, cooling, and fire protection installations in both residential and commercial settings. A family-owned company with more than 200 trained and qualified employees, Dave Jones, Inc. can handle any size project, without sacrificing customer service.

Dave Jones, Inc. turns to GoFormz to stay on the cutting edge

Dave Jones, Inc. prides itself on quality and staying on the cutting edge of new products and services. That’s why they turned to GoFormz to improve communication and documentation of residential construction projects. Documenting every phase of a construction project—plumbing, heating, cooling, gas piping, fire protection, service & remolding—required reams of paperwork. The process of collecting the data in the field and returning it to the office could take up to 3 weeks. As a result, project managers often discovered issues after the fact, when it was too late to properly address them.

Quality assurance and job costing happen in real-time with GoFormz

GoFormz is so easy to use, Dave Jones, Inc. had no problem rolling it out to the Residential Construction department, where most of the field employees had limited computer experience. Equipped with a tablet, workers can simply complete the required GoFormz check-list for each phase of the project. And the flexibility of GoFormz makes it easy to create different check-list forms for each phase on each project.

Now, check lists are automatically emailed to project managers, who get alerted to potential issues in real-time. The countertop isn’t set? Then it’s documented on the form and the project manager knows that a return trip will be necessary to finish the sink and faucet installation.

With GoFormz, Dave Jones, Inc. also has a record of homeowner input throughout the course of the project. So when builders have questions about particular decisions, Dave Jones, Inc. has the answers.

Completing GoFormz check-lists for every project phase has benefits beyond quality assurance. Since data about labor and materials is included in the report, Dave Jones, Inc. can provide accurate job costing for financial statements in real-time.

GoFormz sets Dave Jones, Inc. apart from competitors

“My budget proposal to equip the field with tablets was approved because the upper management team was impressed with GoFormz application,” recalls Ryan Hanna, Vice President of Residential Construction for Dave Jones, Inc. “We pride ourselves on reacting quickly to questions from homeowners and contractors, and GoFormz puts the answers right at our fingertips.”

Hanna shares that prospective customers are impressed when he demonstrates the technology and speed of the GoFormz quality assurance program. Issues inevitably arise on a construction project, and customers can rest-assured that Dave Jones, Inc. has a system in place to address a situation when it arises.

GoFormz streamlines Human Resource and OSHA processes for Dave Jones, Inc.

The flexibility and simplicity of GoFormz makes it easy to extend to other areas of the organization. Dave Jones, Inc. now utilizes GoFormz for Human Resource needs, like time-off requests. Requests are submitted online via GoFormz and automatically sent to a manager for approval, eliminating the paper trail and time spent managing that process.

Dave Jones, Inc. utilizes pre-written OSHA Toolbox Talks to supplement OSHA training and keep safety front and center. Toolbox Talks require documentation, and instead of creating more paperwork to file and process, Dave Jones, Inc. has developed GoFormz Toolbox Talk forms. Completed from tablets, these forms include data like the topic, the trainer, the date, and names of the workers present.

For Dave Jones, Inc., GoFormz serves as the platform that improves communication, quality, and sales.

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