What are mobile forms?

Simplify field data capture and streamline processing with mobile forms and workflow automations

Tablet with inspection form, including sketches, images and GPS data in your mobile inspection forms

Your forms on mobile devices

Businesses everywhere are going paperless, and using digital forms to replace their traditional paper forms. Filling out forms on phones and tablets means that you capture data faster, more accurately and more reliably than before. Relying on paper forms isolates valuable data within filing cabinets and binders, and risks losing critical information. Digitizing your forms collection for use on mobile devices (like phones, tablets and computers) liberates your data, empowering your team to effortlessly collect field data and route information in real-time to the back-office for immediate processing, review, and application.

Mobile form on phone automatically fills mobile inspection form fields with field service data

How mobile forms work

Mobile forms are easy to create and even easier to use. The best mobile forms are identical versions of your existing paper forms, digitized for use on phones, tablets and computers. To avoid incurring switching costs like having to train users on a new system, businesses are using mobile forms platforms that allow you to create digital forms that look exactly like existing paper versions (and toggle to a more app like format for use on smaller screens). Using digital versions of your existing forms on mobile devices (like phones and tablets) allows users to collect data within an interface they recognize, while enjoying the digital features paper forms simply cannot provide.

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Data capture with mobile forms

Mobile forms can be filled out and submitted directly from your device, dramatically simplifying data capture and expediting form completion. Mobile forms can be equipped with dynamic, powerful fields and features, extending the digital efficiencies enjoyed by office personnel to teams in the field. Using mobile forms to capture field data allows users to submit, upload and route data in real-time – no hand-delivering forms required. With real-time data access, teams can more rapidly respond to business opportunities and obstacles, resulting in significant efficiency and operational improvements that directly benefit your bottomline.

Mobile form on tablet showing data input into fields, including maps, images, tables, automatic calculations, signatures and more.

Work offline – anywhere, anytime

Mobile forms empower your team to work anywhere with offline capabilities. Mobile form users can confidently fill out their forms offline, and the forms and data will sync to the Cloud once a signal becomes available – allowing your team to complete their work no matter the circumstances.

Collect digital Signatures with mobile forms

Paper forms require users to run between locations to authorize documents and collect approvals. Mobile forms can be digitally routed and signed, streamlining critical project approvals and providing a polished, professional means of collecting signatures. Digital Signature boxes can even be made Required, ensuring that forms are properly authorized prior to submission.

New, powerful data types

Capturing data with mobile forms allows for the collection of new digital data types, like Images, GPS, Maps, Sketches and Barcode data. Leveraging your device’s native camera and location capabilities, mobile form users can easily add context to their data. For example, using mobile forms to complete inspections allows for the seamless inclusion of jobsite images, as well as precise jobsite location.

With Barcode Scanning, rapidly scan and auto-fill product information, expediting form completion and eliminating opportunities for human error. Similarly, forms can be equipped with DropDown menus, which automatically populate related fields when selected. For example, when completing a mobile timesheet, a DropDown menu could be used to select an employee’s name. Once their name has been selected, the mobile form would then instantaneously fill in the employee’s contact information, department and more.

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Collaboration with mobile forms

Mobile forms drastically improve collaboration, without disrupting your existing workflows. Your mobile forms and workflows can be easily automated to instantly execute daily tasks like routing, record-keeping and reporting. Mobile forms can even be automatically emailed to customers, partners and colleagues, simplifying communication and increasing project transparency. Mobile form drafts can also be transferred between teammates and departments, streamlining multi-touch projects without fear of overwrites or redundancies.

Mobile form invoice being shared with teammates

Enrich your operation end-to-end

Implement a current of rich, highly accurate information between your departments, locations and platforms. Via workflow automations and integrations, field data captured by forms can be effortlessly synced with your other business applications in real-time. This automation eliminates the need for rekeying data and costly delays, ensuring that your connected platforms are instantaneously updated with highly accurate, timely data.

White iPad displaying filled out mobile inspection form next to a report displaying inspection data

Mobile forms integrations

Mobile forms make it easy to sync data between your CRM, ERP, accounting platforms and more. With seamless integrations to platforms like Salesforce, Procore, ServiceMax, Box, Egnyte, Google Drive and more, your field data, images and form PDFs can be instantly uploaded to associated records and folders. Completed forms can even create new records and folders based on specific form fields, simplifying record-keeping.

Garner compelling insights with mobile forms

Real-time data allows your team to immediately process, review and report on field data. Leveraging custom Reports, pinpoint key trends, opportunities and obstacles to productivity, across all of your data. Reports can even be scheduled, allowing for the regular analysis of collected field data, without adding to your to do list.

Fill out forms on your mobile device

Use our mobile forms app to access GoFormz on your tablet or smartphone.

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Creating a mobile form

Digitizing your forms collection is incredibly easy and requires no coding or IT assistance. Simply log into your GoFormz account from a computer, upload a PDF or JPG of your form and add digital fields.

Drag-and-drop form builder

Customizing your mobile form is as simple as dragging and dropping fields onto your uploaded form. Once added, your specific field properties can be further customized to change the field’s appearance and behavior. For example, a form field could be made Required, ensuring it is completed before a form is submitted. These properties can even be made dynamic. For example, the aforementioned Required field could be instructed to only become Required if a specific condition is met.

Mobile form fields

Mobile forms can host a large variety of fields, including:

  • Images
  • Sketches
  • GPS & Maps
  • Barcodes
  • Automatic calculations
  • Drop Downs
  • Signatures
  • Checkboxes
  • Date & time fields
  • Auto-fill fields
  • Text & number fields
  • ...and more!
Easily digitize your paper forms in a drag and drop form builder

Filling out documents in the GoFormz mobile forms app

Using the GoFormz app (available for iOS, Android and Windows) your team can fill out and complete mobile forms from their devices. The mobile forms app works offline, allowing data to be synced once a signal becomes available.

Small-screen optimized mobile forms

When using your mobile form, there are two available viewing modes available: Form View and List View. List View is a small-screen optimized viewing mode, that presents fields in an app-like index, while Form View looks exactly like your original form. Mobile form users can easily toggle between the two viewing modes as they wish, granting form fillers further flexibility.

How mobile forms create big savings:


Refine mobile forms bidding to increase sales

Oscar W. Larson, a contracting solutions company, performs energy audits at customer sites, including the calculation of alternative energy cost savings. With paper forms, reps would need to return to the office to complete calculations, generate a sales contract, and print a proposal for signing – resulting in long delays. Using mobile forms, calculations can now be instantly and accurately completed, and audits can now end with a digitally signed contract, rather than a trip back to the office to collect approvals.

Read the Oscar Larson case study »
Oscar W. Larson Company customer mobile forms logo

“Only GoFormz gave us the features we needed for our sales reps to automatically calculate a customer’s savings AND generate a professional-looking proposal they could sign right then and there.”

– Pete Wayne, CIO at Oscar W. Larson


Add images to mobile forms to tell a better story

Freedom Industries, a commercial door and dock maintenance company, relied heavily on paper forms at job sites, resulting in hours of lost time scanning, documenting, and filing paperwork. With GoFormz mobile forms, they’ve replaced their triplicate carbon copy system with offline accessible mobile forms, making data management a seamless process from the field to the office. They’ve also enhanced their job site documentation with image fields and improved their customer communication.

Read the Freedom Industries case study »
Freedom Industries customer mobile forms case study logo

“Nobody is excited to do paperwork, but GoFormz makes it a lot easier. I rarely ever have to print out a piece of paper because everything is just emailed, GoFormz helped eliminate 80% of our physical paperwork.”

—Donovan Block, CFO, Freedom Industries Commercial Doors and Docks


Save time and money through mobile forms

CCDC, an affordable housing corporation, leveraged GoFormz to digitize their existing paper forms, enabling residents and managers to complete forms remotely using their preferred devices. As a result, CCDC can provide residents with application forms pre-populated with information – saving ample time and money for managers and residents during the application process. Completed forms are automatically routed to the appropriate CCDC contact, accelerating the approval process.

Read the CCDC case study »
Team Murph customer mobile forms case study

“...you go from 60 cents up to a $1.97 for a stamp to only needing to use a public form link for all the necessary paperwork.”

–Corey Bland, Development Manager, CCDC

Why GoFormz?

GoFormz is the only mobile forms solution that allows users to create digital forms that are identical to their existing paper forms. Rather than forcing users to work within a rigid, unfamiliar interface, GoFormz presents teams with a familiar user experience. The familiar look of GoFormz mobile forms not only streamlines onboarding, but also presents clients with a polished, professional digital document, with the added benefit of visual elements like Images, Sketches and Maps.

Ready-to-use Starter Forms

Every GoFormz account comes stocked with a collection of free Starter Forms that you can start filling out as soon as you sign up. Showcasing popular forms like Timesheets, Work Orders, Inspections, Checklists and more, Starter Forms arm your team with the mobile forms they need to start collecting digital data immediately.

"With a lot of these systems, the form on the tablet doesn't look like the form they are used to... whereas with GoFormz it actually is the form they are used to – only, digital!"
- Simon Aiken, Business Improvement Team

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