How to Convert Your PDFs into Fillable Forms

It’s easy to transform your PDFs into fillable forms that can be used on phones, tablets, and computers

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Side-by-side image of a paper invoice and a digital invoice form on a tablet

Create Fillable Forms From Your PDFs – No Code Required!

All the benefits of digital tools, with the same look and feel as your PDFs.

Step 1: Upload your PDF form into GoFormz.
Step 2: Drag-and-drop interactive fields onto your form.
Step 3: Fill out forms from your devices or online.

Easily upload and configure your fillable forms

In the GoFormz drag-and-drop form builder, you can convert your PDFs into online fillable forms.

Animated image of a fillable form created using the GoFormz form builder
Fillable form on iPhone next to an image field, a map field, and an electronic signature

Capture new types of information

Effortlessly input photos, maps, GPS data, sketches, and more, directly into your digital forms.

Make your forms dynamic

Add business logic to make form fields required, visible, and so much more. You can even add instant calculations to eliminate manual math.

A fillable invoice form on a tablet next to a screenshot of business logic calculations used in GoFormz to construct the form
Workflow steps showing the lifecycle of a fillable form

Access your forms and data in real-time

Completed forms can be instantly reviewed and processed, and even automatically shared with teammates, customers, and more.

Connect your fillable forms to other business applications

Instantly upload completed forms to connected platforms (like Box and Google Drive) and update corresponding records within your business systems (like Salesforce and Procore).
Explore available integrations

A grid of logos showing the different business systems GoFormz integrates with.

Fill out digital forms on your mobile device

Use our mobile forms app to access GoFormz on your tablet or smartphone.

Download GoFormz app for mobile forms and documents and offline data capture on iPad and iPhone
Download GoFormz app for mobile forms and documents and offline data capture on Android
Download GoFormz app on the Windows Store

How customers are using our mobile forms to work smarter

Case Study

Streamlines project management with Smartsheet

ARC American uses the GoFormz and Salesforce integration to populate forms with Smartsheet data and automate project management.

ARC American + Smartsheet case study

Case Study

Dispatches forms pre-populated with Salesforce data

Güntner uses the GoFormz and Salesforce integration to pass data between their digital forms and Salesforce records.

Güntner + Salesforce case study

Case Study

Accelerates freight data processing with Quickbooks

RMK Trucking uses GoFormz and the Quickbooks integration to digitize their freight forms, simplify shipping documentation, and accelerate freight data processing.

RMK Trucking + Quickbooks case study

Case Study

Improved documentation quality with Servicemax

Inspecta connected Servicemax to GoFormz to centralize and capture higher quality data using Dynamic Field Properties.

Inspecta + Servicemax case study

Case Study

Reduces administrative hours with Dropbox

SiteMix saves 50 to 75 hours each week in admin labor by eliminating paper forms and automatically storing all forms in Dropbox.

SiteMix + Dropbox case study

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