Simplify record-keeping with the GoFormz and Box integration

GoFormz mobile forms app on phone and Box integration on computer

Instantly save completed forms to
Box folders

Automate your operation’s record-keeping by leveraging Automated Workflows to instantly and dynamically save completed mobile forms to existing or new Box folders. Digitally centralizing your completed mobile forms within Box not only elevates organization, but also increases access to submitted forms and data.

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 The GoFormz mobile forms and Box integration reduces administrative overhead

Reduce administrative overhead

Eliminating the need for physical storage, filing tools, and costly printing resources, results in transformative savings and benefits. With digital record-keeping, leverage advanced search capabilities to rapidly locate forms and modify your form storage workflows to better suit your needs – whenever, wherever.

GoFormz & Box: Simplifying project and document management

Connecting your mobile forms to your Box account allows users to enrich every aspect of their projects with insightful, compelling information and new types of data, like Images, Sketches, and GPS. Watch this quick video to learn how GoFormz and Box.org work together to improve humanitarian relief efforts.

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