Instantly update Salesforce objects with completed mobile forms and captured data

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Create or update Salesforce records automatically

Instantly update or create new Salesforce records with form data.

A digital jobsite form shown on a laptop with Salesforce data included using the GoFormz and Salesforce integration.
A digital work order form shown on a tablet with Salesforce data pre-populated using the GoFormz and Salesforce integration.

Dispatch forms pre-populated with Salesforce data

Automatically dispatch forms pre-filled with Salesforce data to teams in the field.

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Augment Salesforce records with new data types

Easily collect new types of information, like Images, Sketches, and GPS data, and route them to Salesforce.

A graphical depiction of the GoFormz data types available for use in digital forms. Includes signatures, images, maps, and sketches.

Leverage Salesforce data in your digital forms

Seamlessly utilize Salesforce data in Drop Down menus, Barcode Scanning, and auto-fill fields.

Capture data while offline in the field

GoFormz digital forms are fully functional offline, allowing teams to continue their work in remote locations.

GoFormz digital forms shown on various devices including a laptop, tablet, and mobile phone.