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Streamline collaboration with mobile forms

With mobile forms, your operation can increase productivity, improve business agility, respond to customers more efficiently, and simplify communication.

Better collaboration and fewer obstacles to productivity

Mobile forms help your team accomplish efficient collaboration and instant handoffs.

Automatically transfer forms

Instantly dispatch and transfer forms to the right team

Configure alerts and notifications

Ensure your team knows when something is ready for their attention

Accelerate processes and save time

Use conditional logic to replace tedious manual tasks

Automated workflow and managed events with mobile forms

Customize and automate workflows

Easily create custom workflows to automate daily tasks and simplify teamwork. Instantly trigger dynamic form sharing, upload to connected systems, and so much more.

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GoFormz workflow triggers a mobile form saved to Box and emailed to a customer Simplify form sharing and storage
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Instantly hand off forms to colleagues

Automatically transfer forms to colleagues for them to input information. Use predetermined data capture rules to maintain workflow steps

Connect with customers and partners

With the Public Forms feature, share links to your forms for people to fill out and complete. Send them to teammates, customers, and partners.

  • Rapidly collect signatures and approvals
  • Post links to surveys, applications, and order forms on your website
  • Track and review submissions in real-time
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Significantly reduce errors and redundancy

Get the information you need captured with required fields

Basic form logic can ensure critical information is completed before handoff or submission.

Never have to return to the office to submit your paper forms again.

Forms are available to those who need them in real-time.

Discover how GoFormz can improve your operation’s collaboration:

Case Study

Eliminated manual form delivery and improved internal efficiencies with digital forms

Budinger & Associates leverages digital forms, Workflows, and integrations to accomplish more work with the same amount of personnel.

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Case Study

Shareable forms streamline COVID-19 health assessment communication

Using the Public Forms feature, Roadbridge Engineering can share digital health screening forms with job site visitors and employees returning to work after COVID-19 lockdowns, and instantly route completed forms to the appropriate job site security team – allowing visitors to be screened and granted access prior to their arrival.

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Case Study

Automatically populated forms save over $350,000 a year

Leveraging Data Sources, Petrol Services Australia users can make Drop Down selections and instantly populate corresponding fields, saving significant amounts of time. With more time, PSA employees can focus on securing new sales opportunities without hiring additional personnel, saving their operation around $350,000 annually.

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