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Rapidly collect new client information with the digital intake form template. Use our free client intake form and customize it in our online form builder.

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Simplify client intake with easy-to-use digital forms

Present new clients with a mobile-friendly, seamless intake experience

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Accelerate your client intake process

Share and collect online intake forms ahead of appointments to eliminate wait times and delays.

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Tailor your form template to your unique business needs

Customize your client intake form template in our online form builder. You can add a variety of fields, including eSignatures, images, and more.

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Click below to automatically add the client intake form to your GoFormz account. Use the Template Editor to add unique fields, custom branding, and automations.

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Customize your intake form

Use the GoFormz Template Editor to add powerful fields, features, and automations.

  • Add and instantly populate date, time, and location fields
  • Present specialized options with drop down menus, checkboxes, tables and more
  • Auto-fill contact fields with client and business information

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Instantly route forms to customers, colleagues, and Cloud storage

Automatically email completed forms to clients or upload forms to connected applications when completed to eliminate processing delays and record-keeping demands.

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Securely collect information with HIPAA-secure digital forms

Gather highly accurate patient information using our HIPAA-secure edition.

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How our customers leverage digital intake forms

Leaps & Bounds Family Services logo

Leaps & Bounds Family Services

Reduces time spent on paperwork by 60% with HIPAA-secure digital intake forms.

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LifeLine Addiction Specialists logo

Lifeline Addiction Specialists

Accelerates patient onboarding with HIPAA-secure online form sharing.

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